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    Please simple issue help

    zlloyd Level 1

      Hello, I am a student of IT and Web Development at Kaplan University and I am relatively

      new to Flash CS4. I have a project that is due and I have finished all but a minor detail of it

      and needed some advice. My assignment is to add sound to my web page, which is entirely

      built in Flash CS4 and is meant to be an ongoing project which will be a site that if you visit

      will tell a 6 page story, and I have completed the first 3 pages and it works. I also have added

      recurring ambient music throughout the entire movie. Now my professor wants us to edit

      the sound file using edit envelope. This is where I am stuck. I do not even know how to put

      a sound file into an envelope which seems to be a need to access the edit envelope functionality.

      So my question is this, how do you place a sound file that has been imported to the

      library into an envelope??

      Please any knowledge that could be spared would be cherished!!