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    Edit a png file... change colors and text and then export to gif?


      First I want to state that I am VERY new to Fireworks and I am trying to figure out how this works!  I typically use Photoshop.


      I was sent a PNG file (from a friend).  The file has many buttons on it that I believe are somehow saved or exported out as gif images to be buttons on her website.  All of the buttons are basic rectangles that are gray with black text.  She was told she could edit all of the buttons quickly in Fireworks (change their color, font color, etc) and it would change them all together.  Then save them all out so we would have the individual gif files for the buttons to save to the directory.


      So... I am able to open the png file in Fireworks and I can select each button or all of them, but I cannot see how to change their color and font, etc.  I know this must be very simple!  Can someone help me?


      Thank you!