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    Color Shifts when rendering to H.264 Blu-ray

    FrankinMD Level 1

      Since upgrading to After Effects CS5 I am seeing the following:


      Whenever I render out a video file using the "H.264 Blu-ray" Output Module option, the resulting m4v video has a different color appearance than the After Effects composition from which it was rendered. The rendered file appears to have a yellow cast to it, especially evident in red highlights. This appearance is seen within After Effects (after importing the file and dropping it in a composition) as well as in VLC media player. In addition, a blu-ray disc created using the m4v file also has the yellow appearance when viewed on an HDTV. In other words, the color shift is consistant in various players as well as within After Effects itself.


      Here is the bug report I submitted:


      Concise problem statement:
      Steps to reproduce bug:
      1. Create a project with HDTV (Rec. 709) color space, 8 bit.
      2. Import a 1920x1080 video file (any kind).
      3. Render out to H.264 Blu-ray (using project color space).
      4. Import the resulting m4v file and compare it to the original video.
      Results: The color has been shifted; has a yellow cast to it.
      Expected results: the color should appear the same for the rendered file as the original.