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    Opening another pdf


      Good morning everyone,


      stumbled across a somewhat unexpected behaviour and would be glad if someone would help me out.

      I do have 2 Acrobat forms: one, the "MasterForm" tries to access a second form "Examiner.pdf" during a PageOpen event. Examiner.pdf has user-rights enabled. When I run the following code on my machine, it works just fine. On another computer it opens "Examiner.pdf" but when trying to access the form-elements Acrobat complains, that myExamForm is not defined. My guess is some problem with disclosure (is it possible to disclose a pdf with extended rights attached?). Any ideas? Thanks a lot!


          var myExamForm = app.openDoc({
              cPath: "Examiner.pdf",
              oDoc: this});   
      }catch(e) {console.println("Open failed");}




      Acrobat Standard X, Acrobat Pro X (Test), Acrobat Reader 10.0, Acrobat Reader 9.4