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        geneaker Level 1

        I have just packaged E9--and it's going back to Amazon for a refund.  What a

        waste of my time and energy.  Guess I have been lucky with software--this is

        worst experience I have ever had with a reputable company.  Too bad.  I'm

        happy to use my little online photo editors  such as Picasa and others.  I

        am glad that I found this forum;  it made me realize that many others had

        the same experience.

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          Brett N Adobe Employee

          Hello Shadrackcas, et al.


            Let me start by saying that I use the Elements Organizer daily and I do not encounter the issues reported by anyone on this forum. It does not perform slowly, nor crash, nor have issue importing files. That I why I don't believe the issues reported here are the result of a bug. I am not claiming that the software is flawless, no software manufacturer can make such a claim, whether Adobe, Apple, or Microsoft. But I do hold that the individual choices that users make as to how they configure their computers WILL have an effect on the behavior or performance of their software, sometime only effecting one specific piece of software.


            As for using Photoshop products in combination with a network, this is not some "after the fact" remark. Please read the following product documentation for further details: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/406/kb406793.html. Even though the document only refers to Photoshop CS4/CS5, it applies to all versions of Photoshop, including Photoshop Elements. Also, you still have not mentioned the network protocols or network security in use on your system.


            You should be able to import a folder with 7 sub-folders, importing all images within that folder, without issue. I still cannot give a diagnosis as to what exactly is going on here without further details. Like: what types of files are these? Are there any error messages? Did you attempt to import the images previously? Have you tried creating a new catalog and importing the files there? Are these files stored locally or on a network? How many files are involved?


            If you prefer, we can try working this out over a phone call so I can ask and answer questions directly. Forums can leave a lot of room for interpretation. For instance, you ask if I am being "smart" in complimenting your system.


          Are you being smart with your "awesome" comment?


          If you aren't, you may want to rethink how you respond to customers.


            Your statement implies that my responses SHOULD be smart alec. I'm pretty sure that is not what you meant, but it is what you said.  The fact is, your computer is far more than the average Elements user has, you have much more computer know-how and experience than the average Elements user. So I wonder why you are using this product instead of the more advanced Lightroom or Photoshop CS5. You may find that Lightroom meets more of your needs and expectations (depending on the kinds of editing you do with your photos).


            I will maintain that applications can be compared to cars, and that they will perform differently based on road conditions, load, etc. Where "road conditions" is the computer configuration and "load" is the number and type of files being used. It seems to me that most of the people reporting a difference in performance between Photoshop Elements 9 and a previous version, are also comparing two different computers. I have to wonder in this situations if they used PSE9 on that other computer would they still have the same issues?


            Again, if you'd like to work together to get to the bottom of this, I can call you.



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            Phil Atk Level 1


            I am glad you've been engaged and as you correctly said in your first response, people are discussing a number of issues here as well as the original. I came in as the second scribe on this topic based on just other issues I've found with Elements Organiser 9. I've looked around on other web pages and found that I am not the only one with these issues. I've repeated the words below. I working on a reasonably specced PC at home using 32 bit Windows Vista Home Edition OS with plenty of CPU/RAM/Disc etc.


            I have two issues described below. After I first installed EO9, all seemed to work well and noticably Face Recognition worked. It doesn't now. Not a real big deal, but possibly symptomatic of another problem. The auto-analyser appears to be doing something in the background, but eventually a pop up box comes up with an error - presumably there's a file it doesn't like and the auto-analyser stops. As regards the second point below, I've since found that if I rename the picture files not imported with thumbnails, they will then import. Not at all obvious what is going on there, but very irritating as it's not at all obvious which files Organiser has failed to create thumbnails for.


            Your advice would be welcome.



            function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

            I'm using Elements Organiser 9 with Vista. The Auto Analyser doesn't seem to work properly. If I start it manually, it just sits at 0% complete for ever. If I let it go in the background, it appears to be analysing, but eventually I will get an error box come up and auto-analysing stops. Facial pattern recognition seems to have stopped workin when it did at first.


            What is of interest here though is that I have found that Files have been imported, but there are no thumbnails to show for it in many cases. I've tried to reimport the files, but it comes back and says that they are already there!! I don't know how to force Elements to re-recognise these files and display them.

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              rdnelson Level 2

              I have some suggestions that might help with the auto analyzer issues.


              Please disable it so it does not run in the background.  This doesn't mean you can't use it, you just want to preventing from always running.  I'll explain later...


              To disable it, go into Preferences and uncheck the option "Analyze Media for Smart Tags Automatically".


              You need to change your work flow to manually start the analysis after you import your media into the catalog.  This is easy to do.  After the media has been imported, the Organzier only shows the new media items only.  Simply Edit/Select All and then Edit/Run Auto-Analyzer.  This will churn for a bit with a dialog showing the progress.


              Your are done.


              This is why you don't want to enable auto analyzer to run in the background...

              1) Auto analyzer has a memory leak.  This causes the process to run out of memory eventually (~15 minutes on my system with 17,000 media items).  At this point no more anlaysis is possible.  Attempting to even manually start analysis will pop up a dialog with the anlaysis progress but it will never go past 0.

              2) Background auto analysis is run every time the Organizer is started (or even when you log in depending on the preferences settings).  This will cause each media item to be re-analyzed, even if it was done before.  This is just a waste of CPU cycles.

              3) Background auto analysis will re-analyze all media after there have been any additions to the catalog.  This has both the problems 1) and 2) in that re-analysis is done even though it is not needed and the memory leak is only aggravated.  Say like you have 5,000 photos in your catalog.  Auto-analysis is completed on this but because of the memory leak 1/3 of the heap memory is allocated.  Now you add a single photo. Re-analysis is done which causes another 1/3 of the heap to go away.  One more media item add will cause the remainder of the heap to go away now causing the analysis process to hang.


              I have already notified Adobe about this issue.  They have actually contacted me for additional information and it appears that they are working on it.

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                geneaker Level 1

                Just to reply.  I shipped mine back to Amazon. I've already wasted too much

                time with Organizer.  When uninstalled it---I feared that the installer

                would not loadit gave lots of weird messages-finally after 6 tries, I

                got it off. Whew.  I got paranoid. I was afraid Organizer would bring down

                my entire system!

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                  rdnelson Level 2



                  I am using PrE 8 and PrE 9 with a network without any issue.  My catalog has contains almost 20,000 media items.  I store both my catalog and the media items on the same server.  Performance was a major concern because I do video editing.  I have installed a gigabit network as well but I also had to ensure my server was able to keep up with the client requests.  Some NAS devices are actually quite poor with performance even with a gigabit network.


                  So what I did was installed a Samba server running Ubuntu.  I had to tweak both the Samba settings and the Windows registry settings to ensure performance -- mainly for the video editing to ensure the following:

                  1) Packets were large enough to send over as much of the video content as possible (enable Jumbo frames and larger payload sizes)

                  2) Prevent Vista from throttling down the network reqeusts when it was playing media (I can't remember the registry settings but there is a setting that will actually prevent huge network requests to ensure audio playback does not get interrupted)


                  Please note that I do not see the multiple folder selection issue with Windows XP but have seen this in Vista.  This is what I saw...

                  1) File/Get Photos and Videos/From Files and Folders

                  2) Navigate to a directory containing subfolders containing media items

                  3) Select multiple subfolders

                  4) Click Get Media


                  On Vista, only one of the folders seems to be imported.  On XP, all folders are imported.  Please note that I need to be a little more thourough in my tests and attempt to do this with the same media items.  The Vista problem was seen a couple weeks ago.  I just tried to reproduce this in XP without issue.  I need to try this again on Vista but don't have the time at the moment.

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                    geneaker Level 1

                    Good luck.  I"m a simple guy.  I 've been using software for 20 years.

                    Mostly, I've had good luck.  I just want to buy it. install it, learn it.

                    and use it.  A simple photo organizer should work out of the box.  If not,

                    they should recall it.

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                      greg14 Level 1

                      I sold mine also.


                      Adobe forgot the KISS mentality that everyone loved about photo elements.


                      Things like face recognition is beyond what 90% of us what.

                      The other 10% can buy PhotoShop or another high dollar program as a plug in.


                      Asking users to dismantle or shut something that is RUNNING in the background on its face is insulting.



                      I will see what happens with PSE 10 and the reviews next year and jump back in, for now its PSE 8.




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                        rdnelson Level 2

                        greg14 wrote:



                        Things like face recognition is beyond what 90% of us what.

                        The other 10% can buy PhotoShop or another high dollar program as a plug in.


                        Asking users to dismantle or shut something that is RUNNING in the background on its face is insulting.




                        I'm just another user like you and was just trying to provide some suggestions on what I needed to do to make the software work for me.  I'm sorry you took this as insulting.


                        It took me many hours of frustration and investigation to determine the cause of this issue.  I hope others can at least learn from my pain.

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                          greg14 Level 1

                          I was not insulted on the contrary, I believe in what your frustrations are.


                          I reread what I wrote and there is wring word that I put in there.

                          Unfortunately spell check does not check my mental mistakes .



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                            Shadrackcas Level 1

                               As for using Photoshop products in combination with a network, this is not some "after the fact" remark. Please read the following product documentation for further details: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/406/kb406793.html. Even though the document only refers to Photoshop CS4/CS5, it applies to all versions of Photoshop, including Photoshop Elements. Also, you still have not mentioned the network protocols or network security in use on your system.


                            So do most customers check this out, especially the home user customers, when they purchase?  Does it say on the box "customers using a network, make sure to check further documentation, which refers to photoshop cs4/5, but also applies to all versions of photoshop, including elements, even though it doesn't specifically say so.


                            I check the specifications....which I think most people do, and if we meet them, we buy.


                            As for protocols...

                            tcp/ip v6

                            tcp/ip v4


                            Network security....on my lan?  Behind my firewall I am not running any type of additional software like norton or anything.  I do run the microsoft security essentials.


                            As for "why elements"?  Price, don't want to spend thousands on CS5, and wouldn't use a small percentage of the features.


                            Shouldn't have to.

                            Wanted an organizer that worked and didn't slow down like crazy due to background tasks happening.

                            Do you not admit that with the amount of difficulty that people are having that maybe the organizer has an issue?

                            The editing I don't have any problem with.

                            Right now I am using the built in media player to organize things.

                            It doesn't seem to have any issues with my network, nor do any of my other programs.

                            In fact after looking at the latest "Live Gallery" I think I may just use it for everything as it does the face recognition and supports all the tags as well.

                            It doesn't slow down.

                            Can you tell me if I can uninstall just the organizer?

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                              geneaker Level 1

                              Unstalling from Vista was just the standard control panelprocedure.

                              throught the "features and program" icon.  But mine did hang up 6 o7 times

                              when Uninstaller kept telling me Elements was "running." Of course it was

                              not.  I went through the process several times, but it finally

                              worked----whew!  I honestly thought the faulty Organizer would crash the

                              entire computer. good luck.

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                                     Brett N is going to unfortunately continue to provide an answer that will not resolve your problem with PSE9's Organizer.  The PSE organizer has had network performance issues since version 6 and the only solution provided by Adobe is to upgrade your software to something else i.e. Lightroom, or put it on a local hard disk. Not an option for me....  Apparently, if you store photos on any form of a network share/device (like in my case a HP Windows Home Server) and would like to organize those photos, you are not the targeted audience of PSE.


                                Here's a good quick read on PSE and storing your photos and catalog from http://www.johnrellis.com/psedbtool/photoshop-elements-faq.htm

                                • While it is possible to store your catalog and photos on a network drive, I’d recommend against doing so unless you have a wired network and you are experienced in managing networked Windows computers.  Like most database applications, PSE is very sensitive to the speed of the network. On a wireless network, even with new “n” gear, you’re likely to have unacceptably slow performance.  The network latency (the time it takes a packet to get from one computer to another) of wireless networks is often simply too high.

                                  But even with wired networks, unless the computer or server storing your files is fast enough, you could be disappointed in PSE’s performance.  Many inexpensive consumer file servers and Windows itself simply aren’t very fast at serving files over the network.

                                  If you store your photos on the server but keep your catalog on a local disk, you’re likely to get more acceptable performance. This is because the catalog folder contains both the database file (catalog.pse*db) and the thumbnail cache (thumb.5.cache), which are by far the most frequently accessed files.

                                  If you do store your catalog on a network drive, there’s an important consideration.  The photos in the catalog must be accessed using the same UNC path (e.g. \\mycomputer\photos) from each computer running PSE.  This happens automatically if you’re using a separate NAS (network attached storage) device or server.

                                  But if you’re storing the photos on one of the computers that is also running PSE, you need to do something special. Suppose you have two computers, A and B, and you want to run PSE on both of them and store the catalogs and photos on A in the folder C:\Photos. Create a shared network folder \\A\Photos, and then map it as a network drive on both B and A (yes, A can map its own folder).  Though it’s not necessary, use the same drive letter, say Z:, on both machines to avoid confusion. Then when using PSE on either machine, be sure to import photos only from Z:, not from C: or any other drive letter. That way, the catalog will only contain references to \\A\Photos, which can be understood by both A and B.

                                  Also, be sure that the catalog is open in only one instance of PSE at a time.


                                Basically, a pain in the rear... I found this out the hard way...  


                                      Your points extremely valid as my situation mirrors yours with one cavet... I didn't pull the trigger for PSE9 and still have PSE8.  I have 2 very quick computers connected to my WHS on a gigabit network and the Organizer was very unresponsive.  I love the editor and it fully meets my editing expectations and needs. Unfortunately, I've also settled for PSE8 being the last Adobe product I'll purchase as I firmly believe that telling me I'm not the intended user because I have my pictures on a network is bad customer service.


                                     Thankfully, one company...Microsoft has been listening to their customers with the Windows Live Gallery 2011.  I now only use PSE to do just the very occasional more complex editing (layers and such), leaving WLPG doing 98% of the quick editing that I need.  Plus, there's no slow down on WLPG when working with my 35k photos that reside on my WHS.  Kinda weird that a free application (to include Picasa) has no problem with my networked files yet a paid application should miss the mark on this.



                                Best Regards,



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                                  Rudi Lig

                                  I have a problem with my Adobe Elements 9 Browser as well.

                                  I recently installed Adobe Elements and the Organizer is very sluggish to non responsive when I am in the "Display Folder Location" mode.

                                  The Windows busy sign ( moving circle) comes up and I cannot use the browser, and when I try to use other functions such as the Menu, I have to click several times before that function is available. I then can perform actions within the menu, but as soon as I go back to the browser I get the Windows busy sign.

                                  When I switch to other display modes such as "Display Thumbnails" the software operates properly and  there are no delays as I move from picture to picture, rename picture etc.

                                  I thought that I had resolved the issue when I disabled the Media Analysis funtion, but after a little while the problem returned.

                                  My media is stored on the HD in my computer, so this should not be a network issue.


                                  I hope that someone can help.


                                  Thanks in advance


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                                    geneaker Level 1

                                    Good luck.  I sent mine back.

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                                      Rudi Lig Level 1

                                      I have one more bit of information.

                                      I loaded Photshop Elements 9 onto an old XP computer and the browser sluggishness problems has gone. I have not tried tot do much more on that machine as I am not planing on using it, but it appears to me that the problem that I am experiencing is a Photoshop /Windows 7 issue.

                                      I hope this will help the Adobe people to get to the bottom of this.




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                                        geneaker Level 1

                                        just to note--I tried E9 on my vista computer.  yuck.  sent it back.  And

                                        loaded up my old E5 version--works perfectly!

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                                          Brett N Adobe Employee

                                          Hello all,


                                            First off, I would like to thank RDNelson for his very insightful remarks about the importance of settings when working with networks. More than just the physical capabilities of the hardware must be taken into consideration. I am not trying to say that you cannot use a network with PSE, just that it is not recommended. When you start to encounter issues it is best to go back to the basics to find out where the issue arises. Taking a network out of the equation will help tremendously. As Greg14 brought up, KISS.


                                            Second, sometimes it is a good idea to disable features such as the Auto-Analyzer. This is not to say that everyone should do so, but for some people it would be best. Everyone's library of images and videos is going to be unique. I will admit that some images and video have a hard time being classified by the algorhythms and it can become stuck in a loop of reanalyzing the same assets again and again, or just not getting past certain items. Again, my thanks to RDNelson for his excellent suggestion. If you find that you are having issues with the Auto-Analyzer, try his workaround of manually analyzing in groups (new import batches, by album, by keyword, by folder, etc). Then, if a particular batch cannot be analyzed, those assets can be further examined to determine if an issue is arising from them. Such issues can arise from invisible sources, such as metadata in the file that was added by the device that created the file (such as camera Exif data or from a scanner).


                                            To Mark "Crash Conrad", John Rellis has a Batphone to our engineering team. He has provided very helpful information to both our developers and our customers.


                                            A note on the issue of selecting multiple folders but only one folder is imported. This seems to be an issue with Windows Explorer on Vista/7 machines. This same issue does not happen on the Mac version of Organizer. Nor does it happen with the exact same version of the software on Windows XP.


                                            In order to get to the bottom of any of the issues listed on this forum, we need to get very explicit information on when and how the issue occurs. If a network is the source of the issue, we will need to know everything about that network in order to engineer a solution. All software has issues, but some issues only appear under very specific circumstances that did not happen while in the "lab". To find a fix, we must be able to reproduce the environment to find the root cause and deal with it. All the information that you can provide, so that anyone reading this forum could reproduce the same behaviors, would be of the utmost help.



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                                            Rudi Lig Level 1

                                            Thanks for your response Brett.

                                            Please see the below were I am at. I have a home network but I am using Adobe E9 and the pictures on the same computer.


                                            I have problems with my Photoshop Elements 9 Organizer

                                            Jan 8, 2011  I am using a Dell XPS computer with lots of RAM and computing power. The OS is Windows 7.

                                            I recently installed Photos Elements 9 on my computer and the organizer is very sluggish to non responsive when I am in the “Display Folder Location “ Mode.

                                            The Windows busy sign (moving circle) comes up and I can not use the browser, and when I try to use other functions such as the Menu, I have to click several times before that option comes up. I then can perform actions within the menu, but as soon as I go back to the browser window I get the Windows busy sign again.

                                            Jan 22, 2011 When I switch to other Display options such as “Display Thumbnail View” the software operates properly and there are no delays as I move from one picture to the next, rename pictures etc.

                                            Jan 22, 2011 I thought that I resolved the issue when I disabled Media Analysis and Watch Folder, but after a while the problem came back.  My media is stored in my computer, so it’s not a Network issue

                                            Jan 22, 2011  In desperation I loaded the Photoshop software on an old XP computer and Photoshop is ruining fine, so I suspect this is a Photoshop/Windows 7 issue.

                                            Jan 23, 2011  I have also run E9 in Service compatibility mode for XP, but that did not help 




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                                              greg14 Level 1



                                              Thanks for the KISS agreement.


                                              I sold my PSE 9, so I no longer have issues but I was thinking of something that Adobe should consider.


                                              Why does a great $70 program that does 90% of what PhotoShop does need a storage library ?


                                              I now have Aperture and prior to that I stored everything into iPhoto by sending the PSE  PP photo to the desktop and then into iPhoto.

                                              Since I also have my photos on a backup external HD it was just easier to put it on the desktop and drag it to both locations.


                                              I think Adobe needs to seriously consider eliminating any storage library (organizer) and go batch to bridge for uploading and if customers have LightRoom, Aperture, or any other type let that be the storage and even bypass Bridge.


                                              Again, Adobe took a great product that was primarily photo correction and tried to add unnecessary features.


                                              I would think that to add extra features and keep the cost the same some compromises need to be made.



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                                                Brett N Adobe Employee

                                                Hello Greg14,


                                                  The Organizer is part of the package that we are trying to sell. That is, it is a feature that would be found useful to our core intended audience. That also means it's not for everyone. We have lots of customers that only use the Editor and never touch the Organizer. Then again, the opposite is true too, they buy Photoshop Elements only to use the Organizer.


                                                  You must be a Mac user as Photoshop Elements has always come with the Organizer, except for when we released it on Mac (which wasn't every version, nor at the same time as the Windows version, sometimes following months later). Organizer isn't anything new except to the Mac side of things. Bridge is not a file organizer any more than Finder is. In fact, it's a file navigation application, just like Finder or Windows Explorer. If you don't need or want to use the Organizer, then skip it. There isn't a way to remove it and keep just the Editor, they are a package deal, connected at the hip as it were.


                                                  Personally, I only use the Organizer as part of my job. For the most part I do all my organizing by hand, using folders on my hard drive. I've been organizing files this way for over twenty years. I remember when things like PDA were first becoming popular and I could never imagine a reason for getting one. Couldn't people remember where and when they were supposed to be and what they were supposed to do? Now that cell phones have become our PDA's most of us can hardly imagine our lives without them. For some, the Organizer is invaluable, and when something goes wrong with it, it puts their life on hold. For others, they couldn't care less. And that's fine either way, because, when you come right down to it, you aren't paying for Organizer. Technically, it's a freebie that comes with the Editor. If you are looking for a free, simple photo organizer, you may want to try Photoshop.com. If you are looking for a more powerful, streamlined organizer, then you will want to check Lightroom.


                                                For Rudi,


                                                  Thanks for the details on your issue. It helps us to test the issue knowing that it only occurs in the Folder Location View on Windows 7, and not in other views or OS's. I'll see if I encounter the same behaviors on my side.


                                                  For those of you interested, I do all my testing on a MacBook Pro, using a VM of Win XP and Windows 7 64-bit. I often run all three OS's at the same time (I never use boot camp, but sometimes I'm not running Win 7). I use the same set of image files for testing applications like the Organizer. These are stored on the Mac side of things, I access them on the VMs through a network share. So, yes, I use a network location for my files in Organizer. All of my files are in the Raw format (a collection of files from most of the approximately 300 cameras we support).



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                                                  Shadrackcas Level 1


                                                  I appreciate the fact that you are active on here and trying to help.


                                                  I do think though that some responses from Adobe come across as excuses.


                                                  In this day and age a NAS box or a Home Server is becoming more the norm than the exception.

                                                  It isn't really safe not to.


                                                  It does not come off that well when you wonder why people aren't using CS5 or Lightroom.

                                                  We shouldn't have to.

                                                  1000 dollars for software is for those who use that software to make money.

                                                  100-150 dollars makes sense for us hobbiest users.

                                                  I have never had as much issue with a program as I have with this program.

                                                  My media center has had all my video and picture files disappear since installing this program due to some registry change I am sure.

                                                  How do I know this?

                                                  Well, I make sure to make snapshots of my system on home server before installing software.

                                                  Before Elements....no problems with media center, which accesses all my files of the home server.

                                                  After Elements, no pictures in the folders or videos in the folders show up. They are there...I can look at them in other ways, but not in the main interface anymore. 

                                                  This is what helps me to stream pictures and videos to a few xbox's that I have around my place.  Now I can access them but not the way I used to, running the media center extender.  It also, can't find any of my files.  But the folder structure is intact and the files are there.

                                                  Somehow Elements has taken ownership of my files.

                                                  And I am a computer user and actually manage a company that does IT service for other companies so I have access to all levels of technician.

                                                  We are not making this up, this software really is causing havoc on some peoples computers.

                                                  Any organizer software should organize across a network.  I don't need an organizer to manage the files on my local drive as that is unsafe to not store them with redundancy.  Using a good NAS or Home server just makes sense, and your software should work...OUT OF THE BOX....with a network properly or there should be a big huge sticker on the box that says DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU STORE PICTURES ON A NETWORK DEVICE!!!!!!.

                                                  Come on Adobe.

                                                  Disclose the limitations so we can make proper buying decisions.

                                                  Or save me money by selling the editor separately for a little less.

                                                  Or let me choose to install it.

                                                  Or fix the problems.

                                                  Any of the above would have me more appreciative.

                                                  Why is Organizer part of the package if it causes problems?  You may say that you don't have problems but we do.

                                                  I think most people started on here by looking for a solution.

                                                  Being made aware that there doesn't seem to be a fix in the near future is kind of disheartening meaning I will just have this piece of software sitting on my system that I have to put up with because I like the editor.

                                                  I won't use it.

                                                  Windows LIve Photo Gallery does a pretty good job ot sorting in the ways I like, and does a lot of what organizer tries to do.  A lot faster, and free.

                                                  I don't remember having issues with Microsoft Works.  It did what it said it would do.  Nobody told me I needed Microsoft Office.

                                                  Loyalty is only as strong as the product in this day and age.  It is far too easy for disgruntled customers to speak out if there isn't good response to legitimate issues.

                                                  You guys charge a pretty penny for support.  Why should the customer pay more to fix something that he bought already.

                                                  Maybe another big sticker on the box MAY NOT WORK PROPERLY WITHOUT ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTION.  ADDITIONAL CHARGES MAY APPLY.

                                                  Sorry Adobe.

                                                  Not impressed with the response so far.

                                                  • 62. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                    Rudi Lig Level 1

                                                    Hello Brett


                                                    Thanks for your prompt response.

                                                    I am not an IT expert but I have worked with computers and SW (some very complicated) for too many years.

                                                    Your last response said that you are running Windows 7 on a MAC in the VM mode, very well, but I have a favour to ask. Please run Adobe Photoshop 9 Organizer on a PC that has Windows 7 Home Premium (64) installed as the main OS i.e. not in a VM mode.

                                                    From my experience running SW in an VM mode is great, and 90 odd percent of the functionality is there, but often some features do not operate the same as when the SW is operating in a non VM mode. Please humour me and see what happens to your Organizer SW when you are operating on a PC with Windows 7 Home Edition (64) native.




                                                    • 63. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                      rdnelson Level 2

                                                      I don't normally use the folder view but thought I would try out some of the reported issues to provide another data point or two.


                                                      BTW, I agree testing with the actual OS is very beneficial especially after the following results.


                                                      I have three computers.  One is a Ubuntu server which stores my catalog and all media.  The second is a ten year old XP box... running at 2.2 GHz and only 1 GB RAM.  The third is a newer system (they get outdated quick so it isn't so new anymore) which is running Vista 64 bit, quad core QX9650 running at 3.0 GHZ and contains 8 GB RAM with multiple hard drives.  The Ubuntu and Vista boxes are running gigabit Ethernet while XP is limited to 100 megabit because of the older motherboard NIC.


                                                      My catalog contains 17425 media items.  Most of these items are photos but there is some video content.  Again, the catalog is stored on the same server as the media.  Automatic media analysis is turned off.


                                                      I wanted to import all photos taken so far this year so I first downloaded them from the camera using the camera software.  This provided me with a file system path as follows...

                                                      \\vail\sources\camera\Canon\G9\2011\2011_01_01 (47 items)

                                                      \\vail\sources\camera\Canon\G9\2011\2011_01_02 (9 items)

                                                      \\vail\sources\camera\Canon\G9\2011\2011_01_10 (1 items)

                                                      \\vail\sources\camera\Canon\G9\2011\2011_01_14 (14 items)

                                                      \\vail\sources\camera\Canon\G9\2011\2011_01_15 (5 items)

                                                      \\vail\sources\camera\Canon\G9\2011\2011_01_23 (2 items)

                                                      \\vail\sources\camera\Canon\G9\2011\2011_01_25 (2 items)


                                                      As I reported previously, the XP system can import multiple folders without issue and that I thought Vista did have an issue here.  I just confirmed this tonight.  This is what I did...

                                                      1) Transfer my photos to the Ubuntu server by use of the UNC path.  Telnet into the server and set my file and directory attributes to read only (I don't like the Organizer to touch any of my media even if it is appending tags).

                                                      2) Open the organizer on Vista and ensured the Display view as set to Folders.

                                                      3) File/Get Photos and Videos/From files and folders... which opens up the Get Photos and Videos from Files and Folders dialog

                                                      4) Navigated to the directory \\vail\sources\camera\Canon\G9\2011

                                                      5) Selected the entries 2011_01_01 and 2011_01_02 and hit "Get Media".

                                                      6) The organizer only imported the files in 2011_01_02.

                                                      7) Repeated this for the folders 2011_01_01,  2011_01_10, and 2011_01_14.  Again, only one folder was imported.

                                                      8) Selected each folder independently and Get Media... until the folders 2011_01_01 through 2011_01_14 were imported.

                                                      9) Closed the Organizer

                                                      10) Opened the Organizer on the XP box

                                                      11) Selected the folders 2011_01_15 through 2011_01_25 and hit "Get Media".

                                                      12) The Organizer imported photos from all three directories.


                                                      This confirms there is an issue when running Vista 64 (and apparently Win 7 64).  NOTE: The same behavior is demonstrated regardless to the Display view setting.  My workflow is exactly as what is described here so manually importing each folder is error prone and time consuming.


                                                      Now for the folder view issues...

                                                      I also see slowdowns as compared to the thumbnail view.  The XP system is almost unusable (NOTE: the XP system configuration does exceed the minimum requirements for Photoshop)


                                                      The media can be imported very quickly in the thumbnail view.  The organizer displays photos and starts to generate thumbnails quite quickly after the import dialog is dismissed.  The organizer is quite slower to react when in the folder view.  The Vista machine repeatedly shows the "Generate Thumbnails" message (it appears and disappears many many times) on the lower left hand corner of the screen and the Organizer cannot react for at least 30 seconds after the import dialog is dismissed.


                                                      The XP machine is almost unusable waiting three or four minutes before any interaction with the Organizer is possible after the import dialog is dismissed.


                                                      I noticed that PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe is pegging the CPU (on the single processor XP box) after the import dialog is dismissed.  The network utilization is under 1%.


                                                      Also, deleting media in the Folder view takes longer (1 1/2 minutes) as compared to the Thumbnail view.


                                                      Transitioning from the Thumbnail view to the Folder view takes minutes on the XP box.  Again, CPU utilization is pegged and there is minimal network activity.


                                                      Is stated before, I don't use the folder view but I can see how others may be frustrated in the performance of the Organizer when in this mode.  I do wish the multiple folder import issue on Vista would get resolved.



                                                      • 64. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                        Rudi Lig Level 1

                                                        Interesting observation, my XP behaves similar to yours in that I can import the entire folder structure in one step, and it took about 10-15 minutes to import some 7500 pictures.

                                                        I have dozens of folders/sub folders, some are 4 deep

                                                        My display was set to Display Folder Location, Media Analysis was ON, and Watch Folder was ON

                                                        The “Creating Thumbnail” icon continued for about an hour, during which time I had access to the folders and pictures, but it was somewhat slow.  After that i.e. the Adobe hourglass had gone and no message ”Generating Thumbnails” the system was quite  responsive moving from folder to folder  or picture to picture.

                                                        I wish my main (Windows 7) machine were to operate that well. But it isn’t so I am not happy.

                                                        One observation regarding the above.

                                                        The first two times when the import process came to a Photo it (Photoshop I guess) did not understand the import process was aborted and the catalog created to that point was dumped.

                                                        There is got to be a better way.

                                                        I am also not sure why these photos were not recognized as I have no trouble viewing them with other SW.


                                                        Back to the test.

                                                        I then carried out the same import procedure on my Windows 7 machine, again I was in the “Display Folder Location Mode but this time I had disabled “Media Analysis” and “Watch Folder” capability. (I had done this process before with Media Analysis on and Watch Folder on, but that was when I first experienced the software non responsive problems)

                                                        The import took only about 8 minutes but the “Generating Thumbnails” hour glass was up for 3 hours. During that time the Windows busy sign was up as well, and the system was extremely slow/ unresponsive.  I had to click on a picture several times and after 5-10 seconds the picture would (sometimes) finally be highlighted. Switching to another folder was just about impossible (it switched once), so I could not determine if the Folders structure information was imported. CPU usage was 12-14%.  At that point (after 3 hours) I closed Photoshop and opened it again. The organizer had imported the folder structure information and I was able to switch to different folders/pictures, but after a few minutes the Adobe hourglass came up again with the message Generating Thumbnails, as well as the Windows busy sign came up and the software once again became unresponsive.

                                                        And that has been my issue from the beginning, even when I imported only 10 pictures.

                                                        In both tests the pictures resided on the respective computer’s HD.

                                                        I hope this will help as I am getting desperate as I have been at this now since very early January.

                                                        The only reason why I purchased Adobe Elements 9 was for the organizer, and it dose not work properly on Windows 7 Home Premium (64) machines.

                                                        So what is next??




                                                        • 65. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                          Rudi Lig Level 1


                                                          Brett one more observation I made the other day but failed to tell you.

                                                          Again in Display Folder Location mode.

                                                          On my XP machine the Adobe folder structure and names are the same as observed using the Windows Explorer, so all is well.


                                                          On my Windows 7 machine however the folder structure is missing some folders such as Apps Data, Contacts, My Music;  some folders show up with a sligtly different name, such as My Pictures (which is the folder where I keep my mictures surprise) shows up as Pictures  and My Videos shows up as Videos.


                                                          May be that is an other indication that that E9 and Windows 7 don't  work seemlesly together.




                                                          • 66. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                            Shadrackcas Level 1



                                                            Anyone here?

                                                            I am so glad for the observations of the others on here to confirm the problems I was having.

                                                            The media center one ticks me off the most though.

                                                            • 67. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                              rdnelson Level 2

                                                              Rudi... It would be interesting for you to do the same test of importing 7500 photos while the Organizer is in the Thumbnail view.  Time the complete operation including generation of the thumbnails.  Then see if it is possible to switch to the Folder view and get an adequate system response in that view.


                                                              I know it would be much better to have the Folder view faster but at least this might help the Adobe engineers realize that at least one view works as expected.  It would also allow you work around the issue until Adobe has this corrected.

                                                              • 68. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                Rudi Lig Level 1


                                                                If I understand your suggestion correctly I have to go to each folder, select the files and import those files. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but can not see a way for me to import all files in one operation in this display mode.

                                                                If that is what you mean and if you agree that I would have to import each folder content separately the I can say that I have done this before. It is time consuming, prone to missing a folder/file and when I then switched to Display Folder Structure mode I still get Windows busy sign. Not much of a workaround.

                                                                I find it surprising how quiet Adobe has become on this issue, I wonder if anyone there is actually working on this or if they are just working on Version 10??







                                                                • 69. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                  rdnelson Level 2



                                                                  How do you import your photos?


                                                                  I can see to ways to import media when in the "Folder Location" (http://help.adobe.com/en_US/elementsorganizer/using/WSE9967EB0-E0BB-40c5-BC75-CB3C3FCEA70B _WIN.html) display mode...


                                                                  1) Use the menu option File --> Get Photos and Video




                                                                  2) Use the Folders pane on the left, select a folder, right click, and select Import into Organizer.


                                                                  Only option 1) is available in the when the Organizer is using the "Thumbnail View" display mode.


                                                                  With option 1, PrE 9 clearly has an issue on Vista and Win 7 64 bit where only one of the selected folders would be imported.    This issue doesn't exist in PrE 8 regardless of the OS flavor.  PrE 9 works as expected on XP.


                                                                  I take it because of this issue why one would desire to use the Folder Location display mode and option 2 as you can now navigate to a folder, import it, and then go to the next folder.  This is far fewer mouse clicks than option 2.  However, if the multiple selection issue was corrected, option 2 or option 1 should work.


                                                                  I just tried Option 2 for the first time.  Media actually imported quite quickly.  The Generate Thumbnails message and hourglass appeared after the import and has been sticking around for more than an hour (1500 media items were imported).  What is interesting is the Task Manager eventually shows the process PhotoshopElementsOrganizer.exe CPU utlization is 0% even though the Generating Thumbnails and hourglass is indicated.  Clicking on another folder on in the Folders pane kicks the utilization up for a while again and then it eventually drops to 0%.  This test was done on a catalog only containing 1500 photos.  The catalog and media were all NOT networked and available on local hard drives.


                                                                  So this indicates another problem and it probably helps explains the sluggishness when working in the "Folder Location" display option.


                                                                  This is a summary of the issues I have seen

                                                                  1) Selecting multiple folders through the Get Photos and Video menu option only imports one folder in Vista and Win 7 64 bit.

                                                                  2) Importing a folder through the Get Photos and Video menu option in the Folders View makes the system very sluggish and non-responsive.

                                                                  3) The Generating Thumbnails and hourglass indicator never goes away when importing a folder through the Folders pane and right clicking on the folder.

                                                                  4) Selecting a different folder in the Folders pane causes an increase in PhotoshopElementsOrganzier.exe CPU utilization for ~15 minutes even with catalogs (1500 media items).  Media anlaysis (both for smart tags and face detection) is disabled.

                                                                  • 70. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                    Rudi Lig Level 1

                                                                    Hello Nelson??

                                                                    I have been using what you describe as option 2, as that allows me to import all folders in one operation (once the SW works properly). And your observations are the same as mine.

                                                                    I tried option 1 but it is a pain as I have to import each folder separately. I did not know that you were able to import multiple folders in the mode using PE8,as I did not use PE8.

                                                                    I also tried this importing as few as 10 pictures using option 1 and the SW behaves the same.

                                                                    Again because of my second last note/observations I strongly suspect the problem is due to Adobe's interface to (or making use of) Windows 7 folders structure.

                                                                    I like working in the Display folder structure mode as I can quickly navigate through my pictures, move and delete pictures and always know where I am working/playing.

                                                                    Apropos working, I am glad I don't have to use PE9 as a tool to make money, because I would go broke (:-.



                                                                    • 71. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.

                                                                      My problem:

                                                                      I have PSE 9 installed on a Win 7 machine. I can't get it to import all my pictures. I have ~50,000 images - almost all in JPG (no RAW, but I do have some video files, and <2% are in some edited formats). They are all on a single folder of a SATA hard disk that is installed in the PC. I do not have the crashing problems some report here, but I do find Organizer to be almost completely dysfunctional. I tell it to import the main folder, and it goes for a couple minutes then comes back & says it has found an error and can not import all the images. It imports <1,000 of the images. The progress bar in the bottom left indicates it is still developing thumbnails for the images it could process, but it does not ever process all the images.


                                                                      After many attempts, I have abandoned trying to import the root image library folder, and tried importing subfolders with limited success. It's difficult to do, given the volume of images I have, and the tool does not work well. It will sometimes process a folder, and sometimes not - even the same folder. I can try an import, it fails, try another folder, it works, go back to the folder that failed, and it will work... ??! Nothing changed ??!


                                                                      One constant, is that it seems that if there is an image in the folder that is a duplicate name, that it causes problems - Lightroom has a setting to show dups, but as far as I can tell, Organizer does not have this setting (even when I have it set it to show all, it fails on dups).


                                                                      If I have any form of error (dups, or a file format it does not know how to handle, like a movie/video file in the folder), then it makes organizer fail the entire import. I sincererly wish it would at least process all the files it can, and then put place holders for the files it can not figure out how to handle.


                                                                      I do not know why it fails on video files, but it does. I wish there was a setting to let me tell it to ignore certain file types - then at least I could teach it to steer around the problems.


                                                                      Given how poorly Organizer works on importing, the auto sync feature is useless - I have set it to watch my root folder & it comes back with several dozen new images each time I launch the program, but never finds all of them - not even all he new ones Ihave imported to the computer since the last launch. It is unclear what is causing the problems, since I have a lot of other image management programs that are handling these same image sets perfectly fine - both Adobe (Lightroom 3) & non-Adobe (ACDSee, and Picassa are still lightning fast and rock solid in image browsing compared to any of the Adobe products)


                                                                      Also note - that if it reports that it finds an error in a file, sometimes it reports the files that it errors on, but most times it does not. Sometimes it says it found an error & then 30 sec or a minute later it will come up with a dialog box with errors listing. This behaviour makes me want to go slow & not confuse it as I do individual folder imports, which is VERY frustrating since mannually working through these imports is very painfl - that's why I shelled out the better part of $100 to have a product that did this better than the Picassa freeware. Too bad it has not lived up to that promise yet!


                                                                      My vent:


                                                                      My problem is the same as almost everyone here, and while you say there are 6+ problems, there seems to be 1 recurrent theme - we are all struggling with Organizer in PSE 9. It is not working. Telling people to go buy another of your products (Lightroom or PS), just because they have a decent computer is not the solution. The solution is fixing PSE - Specifically Organizer.  I happen to have Lightroom, but if you know your products, you know that lightroom handles the indexing different, and does not want to work as well with file structures - it wants you to do ALL import 7 file management inside it. I don't operate that way, so I was trying to use organizer as an alternative. The fact is - it fails. The product is not only incapible of perforing the functions it is supposed to, it is unstable, and it has Very Poor performance.


                                                                      I'ts a shame that this thread ran for ~20 days before an Adobe employee could respond. Adobe is THE leader in this field & a world class company - please try to provide some decent customer support & don't disrespect your customers. Or you won't be a leader much longer. The people commenting here shelled out good money for your product and it's failing to even perform as well as the freeware alternatives. I grant that your editor is very good, but you half your product is the organizer, and there is a lot of written evidence that half you rproduct is dysfunctional. Please fix it. This has been a good product in the past & I would like you to return my trust in it.

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                                                                      • 72. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                        rdnelson Level 2

                                                                        Hi BBQkr47,


                                                                        The behavior you describe is very strange.  My PsE treats duplicats and non-recognizable files quite differently.  I played around with a test catalog where I purposly put in duplicates (in subfolders) and non-photo files.  This is what I got...



                                                                        This was displayed after everything was imported.  Duplicates were indicated by "The file already eists in the catalog". Apparently the organizer will treat anything with the same file name and date as a duplicate.  It might even check the content but didn't put together a test for this.  Any non-recognizable media were indicated with the message "The file is damaged or is a format that cannot be included in the Organizer".  A big difference between your system and my system is that my system will continue to process the remaining images and will not halt on the error.  Possibly you are getting a different error than my system.  What specific error message is issued?


                                                                        I find it very strange that you are seeing random type behavior when importing the same folder multiple times.


                                                                        Some thoughts...

                                                                        • Do you get the same message when you import the same folder (without selecting and importing another folder)?
                                                                        • How much memory does your system have?
                                                                        • Have you tried to re-install?
                                                                        • Have you tried to turn off any anti-virus software?
                                                                        • How many media items are in a single folder?  (possibly there is a limit to the amount of media that can be done on a single import)

                                                                        Also, I had better luck using import with the Thumbnail View display mode.  Have you tried to import when the Organizer was in this mode?

                                                                          • 73. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                            Shadrackcas Level 1

                                                                            Has everyone on here written their review on Amazon and other sites that get found when somone looks for reviews on Elements 9?

                                                                            They got one star from me with a nice description of why.

                                                                            I have also reported this to a few magazines that like to follow up with vendors that don't support their product.

                                                                            I am tired of barking at Adobe to be igrnored so my time is better spent making sure other people don't make the same mistake that I did.

                                                                            I think that most authors on this forum have done a lot of work to confirm that there is something wrong and Adobe has decided to ignore the problem.

                                                                            Since BrettN is an employee of Adobe, I am sure he has done his job and made sure others are aware of the problem so we are left with no choice but to acknowlege that they know, and are ignoring, this issue.

                                                                            Going to make sure to go on some of the reseller sites such as Best Buy, Future Shop, etc, and make sure to inform others of the problems.

                                                                            Best way to get a reaction is to complain and to complain loudly and often.

                                                                            That is what I will be doing.

                                                                            Now where is my coffee....time to sit down and write some reviews.

                                                                            • 74. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                              rdnelson Level 2

                                                                              Hello Alan Castell (Shadrackcas),


                                                                              Adobe has offered to call you and work through these issues (see the response dated January 17th from Brett).  My suggestion is if you really want to resolve this issue is that you take them up on their offer.  If you are not happy with the software, ask for a refund.


                                                                              I have found issues with my desired workflow to organize my photos and videos.  There are other workflows that have different issues.  I have found workarounds for my workflow and have adjusted the workflow slightly.  Ideally, the software would work perfectly but this is not the case.  It is only through constructive feedback to Adobe about these issues so they can resolve not only the defects but also to make improvements to their software engineering processes to ensure the next release is better.  Any software company which wishes to gain additional market share should do this.  This isn't going to happen overnight.


                                                                              Please note that this forum is a user to user forum to help each other.  It is not intended to report issues and expect Adobe to resolve them.  Until recently, Adobe's presence has only increased on both this forum and the Premiere Elements form (which I appreciate).  You should use https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform to report issues you find.  I did this with another issue I saw in the Organizer.  It took a couple weeks but Adobe did contact me via email.  They asked me some additional questions and then were able to reproduce the issue.  According to Adobe, the issue I reported will be resolved.


                                                                              Reporting your experiences by writing bad reviews is up to you.  But it is probably 3rd derivative from getting Adobe to resolve this for you and the others that have the same issues.

                                                                              • 75. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                                geneaker Level 1

                                                                                I got a refund from Amazon.

                                                                                • 76. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                                  BQQkr47 Level 1

                                                                                  rdNelson - thanks. I think you offer some good comments. Since this is a

                                                                                  forum hosted by Adobe, I expected them to provide support for it, and did

                                                                                  not realize that it was only intended as a user-user forum. I only stumbled

                                                                                  across the forum when I started googling for help with my Organizer

                                                                                  problems. I use the editor in PsE regularly & had only toyed with the

                                                                                  Organizer until lately. I was disappointed that it did so poorly when it is

                                                                                  offered with such a strong editor.


                                                                                  Like you I am adjusting my workflow. I have a lot of tools at my disposal,

                                                                                  but I am trying to find a consistent tool set that will meet my needs. What

                                                                                  I find is none of them are perfect, but some of them come closer than

                                                                                  others to how I (want to) do work. I would share the following;


                                                                                  ACDSee/Picasa - they offer really good tools for organizing & browsing

                                                                                  small/medium image libraries, and some edit capabilities, but when it comes

                                                                                  to Editing they are nothing like what you get out of the Adobe tool sets. I

                                                                                  first went to ACDSee 5+ years ago because it had batch edit/import tools

                                                                                  that Adobe did not offer. Adobe has now added all those, and has much

                                                                                  stronger offerings

                                                                                  PsE (PhotoShop Elements) - *Great editor* for casual or serious

                                                                                  photographers - Does everything I need. But, as noted here, Organizer has

                                                                                  issues. I normally skip several versions before I shell out personal $$ for

                                                                                  upgrades in my home software, and I had read up on this, and looked forward

                                                                                  to a number of the features promised in Organizer. It had a lot of promise.

                                                                                  I like that it is file based, and should/will keep up as you refile things

                                                                                  in different directories (Bridge does this also). The use of stacks, and

                                                                                  facial recognition is very nice - if it works.

                                                                                  Light Room - much better for my workflow. Has a much better workflow for

                                                                                  handling lots of images, rating them, automated import options on them (to

                                                                                  rename/tag/stack/catalog/etc). LR even has some strong editing features for

                                                                                  digital photographers that I do not find easily in PsE (lighting controls).

                                                                                  The LR purchase was Well worth the investment for me. My workflow problems

                                                                                  are from old habits. that die hard; I still do a lot of my initial

                                                                                  organization in file manager & I have to take extra steps to keep

                                                                                  re-sync'ing the folders in LR for it, so that is why I was looking at

                                                                                  Organizer. I see that LR imports/builds off the Organizer catalog, but once

                                                                                  you upgrade the catalog to LR, it does not seem to be accessible by

                                                                                  Organizer (too bad)

                                                                                  PS is too much of a tool for my needs (I have access to it when I want it

                                                                                  from work), and this is why I buy PsE - but I must say that the current

                                                                                  release of Bridge is Very Nice. Much more stable & intuitive than

                                                                                  Organizer. But I really buy PsE for the editing tools, and I use a plugin

                                                                                  that links PsE to LR, so I will likely stay using it. Too bad they don't

                                                                                  still offer/give bridge at the PsE level :-(For the record, I like Adobe

                                                                                  tools. As you can tell I use a lot of them & have invested in them. I think

                                                                                  they will be around for a long time & I hope they address support issues &

                                                                                  resolve the problems in Organizer that are getting a lot of press here &



                                                                                  If someone wants to run a campaign to blast Adobe in the consumer forums

                                                                                  they can, but I won't be looking for a refund personally - I got the editor

                                                                                  I paid for and it is fully capible without Organizer - I am just

                                                                                  disappointed that when they have better offerings (i.e. Bridge), that we

                                                                                  get the poor one.


                                                                                  I will be looking into the other adobe managed forum link you gave though,

                                                                                  since I want their products to keep improving. I'm going to be a user for a

                                                                                  while & I want them to resolve thier issues.

                                                                                  • 77. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                                    BQQkr47 Level 1

                                                                                    My system has 4Gb of RAM, so not sure that RAM is an issue. The hard drive the Images are on is 2Tb, and only ~500Gb is currently used, so that is not really an issue either (for the record, there is a sperate SATA drive on the system that has the OS)


                                                                                    The error I get says "Nothing was Imported. The files or folder(s) selected to import did not contain any supported file types, or the files are already in this Catalog." This is what is part of what is leading me to believe it is not handling duplicates.




                                                                                    This error was thrown after importing a folder that had ~1500 images in it. The import processed for ~2 min as the progress bar proceeds. Failures almost always occur at 90+% complete - usually at 94-98% complete. The progress will proceed & then in the last steps, it stops - sits there for a couple minutes, then comes back with a simple dialog that says "Import failed". I do an 20K images in them (depending on where in the tree I select). The folders with <1000 always seem to process, but above that, there is not a lot of difference.


                                                                                    My comments about performance in my previous post are since the thumbnail development takes so painfully long & that I get messages about it sometimes an hour or more after I started an import.


                                                                                    Hope this helps.

                                                                                    • 78. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                                      Shadrackcas Level 1

                                                                                      So you really think that a phone call from Adobe and my problems are fixed?

                                                                                      If they could do that, I am pretty sure they would have posted the solution already since so many of us have the same issues.

                                                                                      Frankly, if they had a fix, is would be out and available.

                                                                                      There is nothing they are going to do in a phone call that I haven't already tried, and I don't need to mess around with my system any more to fix something that should never have made it out with proper testing.

                                                                                      Are they also going to cut me a check for my time?

                                                                                      They sure expect money for their time, so fair is fair, right?

                                                                                      I will stick to using the fixed version of Elements, and use Win7 gallery.

                                                                                      By the way, what kind of company takes away good features that people liked just to put in ones that people don't?

                                                                                      That isn't listening to your customers.....or reading your own forums.

                                                                                      • 79. Re: Elements 9 organizer issues...help please.
                                                                                        Avoworld Level 2

                                                                                        BQQkr47, you said it.......


                                                                                        Like you I am adjusting my workflow. I have a lot of tools at my disposal,

                                                                                        but I am trying to find a consistent tool set that will meet my needs. What

                                                                                        I find is none of them are perfect, but some of them come closer than

                                                                                        others to how I (want to) do work.


                                                                                        Many of us have used PSE since version 1 and PS Light before that.


                                                                                        By the time we had reached PSE8 we had tried lots of things and were very happy with the consistent results, which met our needs. What upsets us with PSE9 Organizer is that a very good, consistent, useful piece of software with many happy users had been vandalised and turned into a second-rate product and destroyed many people's established workflows and methods.


                                                                                        BTW, the last time Adobe said they the would phone me they rang about 9 hours before my designated time (I wasn't there) and said they would ring back at the correct time. I waited. They didn't ring.