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    Mergeing servers.




      We have a situation where we want to merge to different Content Server 4 into only one:


      1 - Is it possible to do that kind of merge if we consider that all database keys are UUID?

      2 - If so, what is gonna happen to already fulfilled license?


      Thank's for any help.


      Xavier Normand

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          Jim Lester Level 4

          It is technically possible, but not something directly supported by ACS4, since you would need to copy rows from one database to another.

          - You would also want to hand modify the src entries for the resourceitem rows that you copy over, if you are changing the download location of the books

          - The licenses most likely won't work on a different URL, you would be better off re-issuing them to your customers.

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            xnormand Level 1

            Is it possible to install 2 ACS server on the same Tomcat?


            If so:

            - i'll probably need to change in the war file the location of admin.conf, packaging.conf, fulfillment.conf.

            - Give the appname different name

            - Probably some apache trick to redirect requests for the second acs4 to the right appname.


            Do you think it's something that can be done?



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              Jim Lester Level 4

              You can't do this easily, if nothing else the config files  will get you (they are at fixed well know locations).  I would suggest virtualizing the machine instead.