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    DNG -- Slow Updating

    Chris Crevasse Level 1

      I have started a practice of converting my Panasonic GF1 raw files (rw2) to DNG while downloading them.  When I make adjustments to the DNGs in ACR (current version) and click "Done," there is a lag time while ACR "updates the image data" (I believe that's what the message says).  The wait can be minutes if I have worked on many DNG files at once.  By comparison, with cr2 files from my 1Ds2 and the original rw2 files from my GF1, the updating process is almost instantaneous.  I have assigned 60% of my 8gb of memory to Photoshop (CS5).  I have selected medium-sized previews with my DNGs.  I have not imbedded the original raws in the DNG.  Is there something I can do to speed up the processing of DNG files?  Why would DNGs process so much more slowly than the original cr2 and rw2 files?  Thanks.