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    Black Box Mouse Cursor in After Effects


      Hi everyone! ☺


      OK, my Adobe After Effects CS3 in my laptop has a weird mouse cursor. The cursor's not atypical mouse pointer, it looks like a black box with weird arrow-like heads at the edges. I don't why does this happen in After Effects alone. My other Adobe products do work fine.


      My laptop is Sony Vaio F Series. I have a NVIDIA video card GT 300M and I already updated the  but still didn't do well.


      Guys please help me out with this. I am quite desperate. I need to do a project with After Effects smoothly.


      Thanks in advance guys! More power!


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Is there any input helper software running on the laptop, i.e. alternate keyboard mappings or some gesture input tool for the trackpad? If so, looking in their configuration might be worth a look. Other than that this may be an issue you cannot resolve entirely - CS3 was never tested nor is it certified to run on Windows 7. These could be overlay drawing issues. You can however try to experiment with running the app in compatibility modes (Windows XP) and manually setting your theme to W7 Basic. Also look into your graphics configuration. Toggling some specific options in the Advanced settings might improve matters...



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            agentbfly Level 1

            Hi Mylenium, I really appreciated your respone! ☺


            Anyway, I still got to see if my VAIO is running an  input helper software. But I think your theory about Windows 7 not so pefectly compatible with CS3 does makes sense. I am actually running Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit). I guess CS4 will work fine for that. But to add up, I also double checked my Photoshop. It actually also has weird mouse cursor. It has 3 fading mouse pointers in a line. But I think that would do me another topic in Photoshop section.


            And I might as well toggle and tweak some specific options on my NVIDIA.


            Oh well, I hope I could find solution to this soon.