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    OMF/AAF export: Does it ever work correctly?

    ninteknohardcore Community Member

      I'm cutting a feature film using Premiere Pro cs5... I've finished cutting the first 10 minutes of the film and want to export an OMF or AAF to the sound guy so he can import it into Logic Pro, to test out the workflow... now there is nothing fancy going on with my sequence... 9 audio tracks, just dialog and a music track.... no fx, no audio transitions and the video is straight cuts with a few cross dissolves... I've tried exporting to OMF about 6 different times with this sequence ticking/unticking the options but it never completes the export....just stops %75 through and I have cancel it.... AAF export finishes but lists several errors and less than half of the audio is included... so neither option seems to work correctly...


      I read several older posts here about the inability and inconsistency to export OMF/AAF out of Premiere Pro Cs4/Cs5... with the workaround being to manually export each audio track... is that the current state of affairs? Has anyone isolated the factors that cause PPro to stall when trying to generate an OMF?


      How are people taking their temp mixes from their PPro cuts and getting them into Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic etc?


      I've also tried exporting OMF's from a few of my other sequences but it never works.... any tips? Or do I just need to manually export each audio track seperately and file a bug report? Thanks!


      using PPro Cs5 5.0.3 on Win7 64... i7 920 16gb ram