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    Export after effects to flash?




      I am very new to both after effects and flash and need some help with a few things.


      I am trying to put a flash background on my website that will loop over and over.


      I created the file in after effects but understand that it is best to export to flash to keep file size down.


      I have tried exporting from after affects using F4L, FLV, and XFL and always seem to get a file size of 2-4 MB.


      My video is only 8 seconds long and I exported at half resolution so I am unsure why it is so large.


      How can I reduce the file size?


      When I import F4L and FLV to flash and then export as an SWF file, the file does not work on my website(nothing shows). It seems to only work when I import as an XFL and then export as an SWF.


      Also, how do I get the video to loop? Do I do this in flash or in the object tags in my website?


      If anyone could please help me out that would be much appreciated.


      Thanks and I look forward to your replies.