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    CF Report Builder 9: Dynamic Footer Band Height



      I have a coldfusion (.cfr)  and need to be able to either set the height of the footer band or set the bottom margin so that the report can be printed onto custom paper which has pre-printed information in at the bottom of the page.


      Can this be done:

      Is it possible to programically set the Footer Height in report builder or even have the footer band expand with its contents. There are options there called Stretch with Overflow but these don't appear to work on this band.




      Is is possible to programically set the bottom margin of the report for all pages when I am calling it from coldfusion 9



      <!---Create Report--->         
      <cfreport template="../reports/reportFile.cfr"
                style="mystyle{ defaultStyle: false; font-family:'Arial'; color: ##000000;}"


                <cfreportParam name="lblTitle" value="#reportTitle#">


      I cannot figure this out. Someone please help!