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    Font changes when pasting between InDesign documents

    davepolyester Level 1

      I'm copying and pasting the content of one InDesign CS5 document into another and am finding that the font of my general body text is changing from Times to Minion Pro.

      This occurs with all the following methods:


      • Copy and Paste multiple text frames
      • Copy and Paste single text frames
      • Copy and Paste content of a text frame into a new text frame
      • Drag and Dropping multiple text frames


      I can't see any option in Preferences or Character pallette along the lines of 'Paste Remembers Fonts' (in the same vein as 'Paste Remembers Layers'.


      I've change the default font in my existing documents to Times and also changed it with no documents open so all new documents have Times as the default.

      I've also changed the Basic Paragraph style font to Times.


      The correct paragraph styles already exist in both documents and remain in place when I copy and paste. Fonts for all other paragraph styles (eg headings etc) come across correctly, it's only my main body text that changes, with the font of the style showing as overidden.


      Of course, I can simply select all the pasted text and clear the overides but I'd rather solve the problem properly.


      One glimmer of hope: If I start another new document since changing the default font for new docs, the copy and paste retains my Times font.


      Any thoughts? Can I fix my existing document's bad habit or will I need to start again?