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    Captivate 5 and Skin Editor

    Gray Susan Level 2

      Does anyone else have a problem with Captivate 5 locking up while trying to make changes in the Skin Editor?  Mine has done this numerous times.

      Also it doesn't keep my changes in the closed caption settings.  I've asked for only two lines and it keeps defaulting to three.

      Thank you,

      Susan Wright

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          Gray Susan Level 2

          I turned in a bug report when it seemed like the

          skin editor froze Captivate 5 when I tried to make a change to the Closed Caption settings.  The answer I got was to make changes to the closed captioning from the Audio Manager.

          I hope this might help someone else.

          Now I'm having problems with the Skin I create doesn't show in the project once it is published.

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            RM Plexus

            I am having this problem too. If I try to adjust the line count for the CC settings, Captivate 5 crashes. It is hard to believe that this bug made it to production. The work around is in the Audio Editor view for any slide (squiggly WAV file window). On the right side of the audio editor window, there is a Project CC settings button; this will take you to the settings for line count, font, etc... and it doesn't crash.