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    Output Settings Question

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      Which I'm sure has been written tons of times problem is I can't find any info I need on it except for settings when rendering small files like intros maybe 5 to 10 seconds.


      I have to do a set of animations that require text, images and efects. Nothing crazy, pretty conservative. I saved the file in Premiere with an 800 x 600  ratio. first I need to saved the file in it's entirety which is almost 900mbs , looks and plays great. Now I will need to optimize this file for either You Tube or an flv. I know I will have to split the files into sections or chapters so there are lets say 8 chapters and the fie is almost 55 minutes so figure an even hour so lets say 8 minutes each. Is this still too much time?


      Regardless I just took 5 minutes of finished footage and rendered it in Quicktime, I need to figure out a good aspect ratio like 480 x 360 for You Tube or Flash?


      any help?



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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

          Well, AME includes a preset specifically for YouTube, though I've seen reports of it not working very well or giving less-than-stellar results.


          I've developed several encoding algorithms for H.264 that seem to work very well for YouTube video. I've attached screenshots of the one for my SD footage and the one for my HD footage (note the very different finished file sizes). They both give very good results, and the HD version is true 720p HD. I've also got a couple of mid-range encoding algorithms, and if you'd like to see them I'll post them as well. Obviously you may need to adjust your frame size to match your timeline, or you can just use what I've got here and have bars on the top/bottom or sides. (FWIW, the HD version is a direct copy from what Vimeo recommends for their Plus users to use for HD uploads). For both of these, set your multiplexing to .mp4 and "Standard" or "iPod." Audio is 32 bit, 48kHz, 128kbps, AAC, though you could adjust that however you wish. Here's an example of the output of the HD version. Shot with a JVC GY-HM700u at 1920x1080 30p mixed with a small AVCHD camcorder at 1920x1080 60i.



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            Jim_Simon Level 9
            I've developed several encoding algorithms for H.264


            Those are actually just a collection of settings.  The algorithms Premiere Pro uses for H.264 encoding are provided by MainConcept, and to the best of my knowledge are not accessible by the user for modification.

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              Thanks for the correction on nomenclature, Jim...