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    /opt/adobe/fms installation on Linux


      Hello Ladies and Gentlemen


      I am doing some experiments and learning some stuff for FMS, I have installed
      FMS trial version of FMS 4 on a" Linux Redhat Apache" server


      but as you know the default installation  from the root of the server is:


      so instead of installing on http://www.webspace//opt/adobe/fms


      it installs from the base server path below the webspace....


      but that leaves me confused because if it outside the webspace...how then is an
      administrator supposed to see the admin control panel...?


      as guys/girls are experienced and experts can anyone advise where would the fms_adminConsole.htm be....

      because I do not see anything under my http//www.mydomain/fms_adminConsole.htm or http://ipaddress/fms_adminConsole.htm


      also I tried to connect to vod with like: rtmp://ipaddress/vod/instance ...and I see nothing...any ideas...am I doing something wrong in the installation...

      when i install FMS...is there a way I should have changed the install directory so it installs inside my webspace....


      before install, via SSH i untar the installation file and followed all the instruction in the .pdf installation guide.

      so it creates a folder from where I did the install...I can go this unziped folder files in the browser:



      but I still cannot login to the fms_adminConsole.htm with the correct credentials.


      Your help/s is much appreciate...thank you....

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          SE_0208 Adobe Employee

          I don't know whether i got your set up properly but let me try answering you or letting you know few things.


          First of all there is no need for FMS and web server to be on same machine.


          Second thing there is no need to install FMS under your webspace if you are using same machine.


          FMS comes with default Apache installation which already has "fms_adminConsole.htm" present in its webroot - so you can use that instead if you can afford to run Apache as well your already working web server (may be on different ports)


          I would suggest uninstall your current installation, do fresh install without modifying anything during installation , keep everything default. Once you are done with installation - whatever you want to be available via web, you copy those swf's in your webspace even fms_adminConsole.htm - but i would like to let you know in proper set up you should not make port 1111 open to the world on which Admin Server is running.

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            Shiraz Anwar Adobe Employee

            I dont think if I exactly got your question correctly, but let me try to enumerate few steps that may help you:

            1. Untar the zip file and run ./installFMS script.

            2. It will install FMS inside /opt/adobe/fms folder.

            3. After installtion make sure that fmsedge and fmamaster process are running on your linux machine, you may try "ps aux | grep fms" command to see if these process are there.

            4. If fmsedge process is running that means, it is listening on 1935 port for rtmp connection on your machine (unless you have modified the fms.ini file to listen on some other port)

            5. Now, you can conenct to this server using any FP swf file (you may like to use the sample video player shipped with fms) using ipaddress e.g. rtmp://ipaddress/application/streamname (for vod example URL will look like as "rtmp://ipaddress/vod/sample")

            6. As far as admin console is concerned, you need to use URL something like http://ipaddress/swfs/fms_adminConsole.swf, but before this make sure doing http://ipaddress shows up with AdobeFlashMediaServer page.


            You may also like to see the logs folder to check for any kind of issue, you can find it inside  /opt/adobe/fms/logs and look to edge.00.log, core.00.log, master.00.log files.


            Hope these steps will help you out.

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              freelanceDesignDeveloper Level 1

              Hello Zarihs


              3) You know I just tried ps aux | grep fms

              I get:

              root     13479  0.0  0.0  61168   668 pts/0    S+   12:05   0:00 grep fms


              2) on the server I installed it on...when I go to http://<ipaddress> i just see

              the default plesk website holding page.


              in the http://subdomain.domainname/FMS_4_0_0_r1121/webroot/

              the HTTP video plays fine...the RTMP video in the flash it just has text in read

              titled "THE CONNETION TIMED OUT...blah blah blah more text blah......."


              I am no server guru...more middle and frontend but...

              the process to install is I uploaded the "FlashMediaServer4_x64.tar.gz"

              to a subdomain...(in one of the virtual sites)

              via ssh I installed as instructed by the adobe manual...in my server I certainly see

              the /opt/adobe/fms


              edge.00.log shows:

              some stuff that looks normal then.....

              Failed to create listner for .........


              failed to starte edge:.....





              master.oo.log shows:

              some numbers





              the file  core.00.log does not exist....


              Thanks for you help....what do you think....I have tried to install this FMS three times....previously...


              the results as to the above http://subdomain.domainname/FMS_4_0_0_r1121/webroot/

              "THE CONNETION TIMED OUT...blah blah blah more text blah......." is always the same...any ideas?

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                freelanceDesignDeveloper Level 1

                Hello SE_0208


                Thank you for your response, I already did a fresh reinstall of FMS with all the defaults...previous to the posting of this initial question.

                Apache is already running on the server. (Dedicated Server.)

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                  digacreat Level 1


                  I would like to install FMS on plesk with ssh

                  can you send me perform a manipulation please?