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    Re-DL'ing CS4 after crash and have a question?


      Originally, Fireworks crashed and I gave up trying to get another download.  I see now they offer my download(CS4web) and it will take half a day to download.  I also saw that I can no longer obtain a CS4 cd. Is this true?  Should I take extra care to back up this DL of CS4web if it ever completes?


      Also, will CS6 for web be available to CS4 users for upgrade?  Macromedia used to usually respect upgrades for 2 previous versions.  Recent events with such a large company as Adobe is leaving me shaky as I am an individual without a great deal of money who's web time has been volunteer for a few years.  It would be a great setback to find out I have no upgrade options for CS6 and would have to realign my workflow with lesser priced alternatives.


      Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.