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    Help with flash game




      I am trying to create my first semi-serious flash game. The problem I am having is I want to be able to click a button in the players inventory to equip a different armor to the player, and have that armor work in the game on the same movieclip(Player) without having to re-make all the attacks and moves etc. for each change on another movieclip. My ideas are extremely novice like putting each armor and update on a different frame inside the Player movieclip and then doing a gotoAndStop to the frame. Though that may work I don't know how to goto a frame inside a movieclip. I would like to control this using as much code as possible. I am pretty sure it is easily possible to do this but I don't have much experience and I hope you guys can help. I would paste my code but I don't have any code for this part of the game so far. I have tried some simple coding but so far I cannot get the pieces together. I am always wanting to learn more and will take any pointers happily. Thanks =D