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    gotoAndPlay playing two frames when reaching a certain frame help


      Hi guys wondering if you could help me again?


      Basically I have a MC called 'plane3.' Inside that MC is another MC called 'plane2.' Inside 'plane2' is an animation on frame 5.


      (inside the MC 'plane3' the MC 'plane2' is on a classic tween going side-to-side from frame 1 to 99, once it gets to frame 99 the code gotoAndPlay(1); makes it go on loop back to the beginning)


      My question is how would I go about: when you click 'plane3' it lets the tween continue playing until frame 10, then on frame 10, it gotoAndPlay (100); in the same MC and ALSO plays frame 5 from inside 'plane2'??


      Can it be done? Thanks for your help guys!!!