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    How to override HBox Layout to place components at Specific positions

    kiran7881 Level 1

      Hi ,


      I am using HBox as my Container for an Itemrenderer for a DataGridColumn .

      Below is the code .


          <mx:HBox id="peopleimages">
          <mx:Image id="delImage" source="MyImage.jpeg"  />
          <mx:Label name="Name">
          <mx:Text id="UserTI" text="Kiran"  styleName="viewElementImage"  toolTipCreate="createCustomTip(data,event)"/>
          <mx:Button label="Edit" click="openPopUpWindow()"/>


      This is not looking good as the Edit buttons appears as soon as the TextInput Data  completes


      Is it Possible to place the Edit Button exactly at the Right Most Corner End  of a ataGridColumn .


      Please tell me . thanks