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    Need help with exporting please


      I have a trial version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. I am making a Call of Duty montage, have multiple clips in a 2 minute 24 second video that I am still working on, along with music. I was editing today and I exported it to my desktop in a Media format, and it worked fine. The size was about 950 MB and the video length was still 2:24, which is perfect. After I had edited for a little longer, the video was about 3 minutes 20 seconds. My friend wanted to see how it was coming along, so I exported it for him. But this time, it exported at a size of 33.9 MB and a lenght of 0 minutes 9 seconds. This was in AVI format and I tried multiple formats, but it would ALWAYS export 33.9 MB out. When I go back to the raw un-exported CS5 file, it shows the original 3 minutes 30 seconds. Does anybody have any suggestions or the same problem? Help is appreciated, thank you.