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    Search function missing




      I appreciate that you supplied a reader for windows phone 7!


      What is missing from my experience is:


      • search function
      • navigation functions: page up/ down
      • performance optimization


      Best regards from Germany!



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          When reading any document that is larger than just a few pages the lack of a bookmark and a search feature makes using Adobe Reader incredibly time consuming.  Try flipping to page 100 of a 500 page document.



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            I think that these requests are neither irrelevant, because people here say what thousands of other people think,

            nor impossible to implement so I'm wondering why we don't get any statements regarding a future update.


            Reading eBooks on WP7 is a pain at the moment. There isn't a particularly good way to convert your PDF (and their bookmarks) into EPUB or something similar and the Adobe Reader too slim to for reading a book with 200+ pages.


            I enjoy Adobe's way of software design, but I expected more agility in their community feedback system.

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              I dont get it why nobody of Adobe answers this. Its impossible to read an pdf without a way to navigate pages other than up/down. I cant do it on a 300+ book...  Should i press 300 page down so i can get there??? This is so simple implementation...