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    IRS Forms


      In the past I have always been able to go to the IRS website and fill in forms and then print them for filing with the IRS.  Today when I tried to do that, the form would come up with the blue shaded lines where you can fill in, but then changed and mentioned something about contacting the original owner or something of that sort. I could then no longer fill in the form.  I found the link on the web page to click to create PDF using Acrobat.com. I registered and downloaded Acrobrat 9.3.3 but am still unable to use the fill-in feature on the IRS website.  Am I going to have to take a step backward and print them to fill out by hand now?  If not please explain to me how to be able to fill in the IRS forms online.  I cannot figure out how to do it.

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          Rebecca Staley Adobe Employee

          Hello there,


          Thanks for posting. A form can be filled out using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat (but not Acrobat.com) only if the original author enabled the form to be completed. If you're having trouble filling out the form in Reader, the error could be with the form or with your software. Unfortunately, as this forum is designated for questions about using Acrobat.com, I won't be able to offer much help regarding this subject. I recommend searching the forums for the relevant product(s), as you're more likely to find a satisfactory answer there:


          Acrobat Users moderated forum:


          Reader moderated forum:


          You could also investigate the help pages:


          Acrobat Help and Support:


          Reader Help and Support:


          I'm sorry not to be able to offer more specific advice. Please let me know if you need help with Acrobat.com and I will be glad to offer assistance.


          Kind regards,


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            I downloaded the upgrade to Acrobat X last week.


            My problem with the IRS forms: I can download the forms from the IRS, I can fill them out, but I can't print them. When I try to send the job to either of my printers, I get the message "save form" or something, so I save it. Then I open the saved form in Acrobat X and try to print it. The same thing happens again, with the ultimate message in both cases "document failed to print". This happened with the quarterly 941 yesterday and with the annual 940 today.


            However if I bring up the form on another computer with an older version (9) the forms print just fine, on the same printer I was trying to print to from MY computer.


            This isn't just specific to X, it was the same on v.8.


            Any ideas?

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              I'm sorry that you're having trouble printing your form. I have a couple of ideas for you to try.


              Make sure that your printer drivers are up-to-date. Here are the steps to get the latest driver for your printer:

                1. Find your printer’s model number.

                2. Go to the manufacturer's website.

                3. Browse or search the website for "drivers", "print drivers", or "printer drivers".

                4. Find the correct driver for your model number.

                5. Download and install the printer driver.

                6. Restart your computer.


              Try printing the form as an image. Here's a document that describes how to print the PDF as an image: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/873/cpsid_87345.html


              For additional support options, you can go to the Contact Adobe page: http://www.stage.adobe.com/aboutadobe/contact.html


              I hope that one of these ideas helps you solve your printing problem.


              Best regards,