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    Run flex based apps on iPad???


      Does anyone know if it is possible to use the packager to run programs developed in Flex on the iPad?

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          Just browse to this:



          So there's a way...

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            Mohit M Chavda Community Member



            On Below link from adobe site read "Epilogue". According to that if we wait for some time to release final verson of adobe which is fully supportable for iOS Devices as well as according to me may be adobe complate to built iOS flash player as soon as possible for run swf in iOS Devices .


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              Hey Man,


              I hear ya. Adobe is terrible with documentation and most of these forum guys don't have a clue! They just regurgitate what Adobe puts on their websites. I just used the packager for iphone within Flash.


              1. Export your Flex app as a swf as you normally would. Frame rate 30 fps.

              2. Then create an iPhone app in Flash. Don't worry about the size.

              3. Go to File > iPhone OS Settings...

              4. You will see an Included files lists at the bottom. The xml is the key. It automatically generates that file in the same folder when you save your Flash file. Open this file and change the .swf file name to the Flex app file name.

              5. Include all file within the Included file area.

              6. Change your device setting to iPad. Name your file.

              7. Add the icons within the icon section. 72 x72 is iPad.

              8. Make sure to put all of your certificate and provisioning profiles in the deployment area.



              Depending on what functionality you have in the Flex app things may and may not work. For example, the iPad cannot open external .swf files with actionscript. If the files does not have actionscript then you are good to go. Yeah it sucks because this happened to me. You would think Adobe would have planned for this but I guess they are too smart for that.


              I also found that certain things may run slower, but still work.


              Good luck!



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                How does this work exactly. I think you're missing steps.

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                  ...Because insulting the forum users and claiming higher intelligence will result in so many people just jumping up and down to serve you, master. How keen of you.


                  A forum is a community effort. We are individuals helping each other out. To come barging in here demanding and expecting to be handed a solution to your problem, despite the fact that you aren't an active user, is laughable


                  Use your perspicacious brain power to understand this: you give some, you get some.


                  I'm surprised you got a response at all, and I'm embarassed for you.


                  "The first rule of business is: Do other men for they would do you," Mister Businessman.

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                    naButler Community Member

                    Make sure to save your .fla first. It will generate an xml file for the iOS app. Open the xml and change the swf file it points to. The file it will point to is your .fla file you created. Here you will replace it with your Flex app swf that you exported. Then when you get back into your iPhone OS Settings include all of the associated files in the included files list. Basically your telling it to open your Flex swf instead of your Flash swf.


                    It took me a few times to get used to it, but it's easier than trying to open up the terminal and typing in all of the information.

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                      trainsimple Community Member

                      but when you publish the iPhone/iPad app, doesn't the xml file get re-written pointing to the .fla versions of the swf? At least that's what seems t o be happening to me.



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                        naButler Community Member

                        I haven't had that happen to me. Once changed, it stayed. If you are making changes to your .fla and saving again it may regenerate the xml, but I haven't seen that either. Have you put it on your iPad or iPhone yet?


                        One thing I did do was to put my Flex swf on the root of the included files list. Then in the xml just reference the swf within the <content>myFile.swf</content> tag. I don't think it likes being buried within a folder. However, all of my other files the Flex app called I put in their normal folders within the included files. So basically when you export your bin-release version from Flex or Flash Builder, just put that same structure into your included files list. Since mine is a web app, I didn't need to put the .html file it exported in the list because iOS doesn't called it.

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                          3dfingers777 Community Member

                          I want to apologize for my outburst yesterday.  1) I assumed I was talking to "Adobe" (personnel) developers, and not an open forum of dev's.  I had to fire two "programmers" this week because I do not pay for them to do :research" on my time for things that should already have answers.  2) Adobe and Apple both have heard from my company about our displeasure toward their empirical approach to platform sharing which is hindering programmers and companies from breakout apps and profits.  It was toward Adobe and Apple that the statement was aimed and not to any independent dev.  Again, my apologies.  "Mea culpa etc..."...


                          Thanks guys...(and girlz)

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                            3dfingers777 Community Member

                            Hey, thanks a million!  I am not a dev myself, but I pay good money to hire great devs.

                            Only on this proj, I've hit several snags...lol!  Thanks again!  I'll fwd this all to our prog team!

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                              3dfingers777 Community Member

                              Please read my subsequent post and apology.  I simply posted toward the closed mindedness of Adobe, not realizing that this was an open forum.  I also posted on Adobe's in house dev board.  Again, my apologies...it's been very frustrating to deal with.  (Oh, and the first rule of business is actually defined somewhat differently now, although I wish it were the same....)  Thanks for setting me str8!  I deserved it...lol!

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                                cr0ybot Community Member

                                I really appreciate your apology, and I don't doubt that others do as well. I don't see that sort of thing very often, especially on the internet. I think most of us are pretty frustrated with Adobe as well, and I've been programming (or trying to) all day, so I was feeling at the end of my rope. This whole situation seems pretty tense lately.


                                On that note, sorry I can't actually help you with your original question.