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    SharedObject buggy

      ShareObject.Flush( ) can have a number passed, representing how many bytes the movie want's to store.
      If you want exactly 1 meg, common sense says you'd need 1048576 bytes (1024*1024)

      1kb = 1024 bytes
      1mb = 1024kb

      I used 1048576 but then Flash says the movie is requesting 10megs.
      According to the help documentation, 1000001 is 1 meg.

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          well you know you have to understand some fundemental things about flash and macromedia

          1 kb is 1024 bytes
          1mb is 1042 kb
          1024*1024 = 1048576

          u have to use more than 1048577 or more in that case, either that or scale the movie down