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    Is it intentional Cairngorm 3 Wizard definition does not accept fully qualified waypoint path?



      Initially I had my wizard waypoint definition as

      <cairngorm:Wizard waypoint="navigationPath.myWizard">

      to match my Destination and actual waypoint data of...



      public static const STEP1:String = "navigationPath.myWizard.step1";


      However, wizard.next() would navigate the wizard to the next page but never update the wizard's currentIndex.


      Work Around

      To work around the issue I changed the context's waypoint definition to only have the last part of the waypoint path.

      <cairngorm:Wizard waypoint="myWizard">



      Was this an intentional design decision?

      If it was, then the documentation should be made very clear as to this usage. The documentation seems quite out of date.


      • Would it be possible for the Wizard to support both simple waypoint and complex (full) path waypoint definition?