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    How do I open NON Raw files in Camera Raw


      Many of my photog friends say they open jpg files in camera raw and adjust the white balance, exposure etc.  So my question is....well, this is going to sound really strange but I cannot find camera raw on my computer ANYWHERE!!  Obviously I am missing it but I just don't know what I am doing wrong.


      Normally I only shoot in raw so I search for the photogrpah I want and FINDER finds the file and I double click on it and it automatically opens in RAW. But with a jpg it will not default open with Camera Raw - obviously!  So I have been trying to find camera raw so I can just open that and then use the open file selection BUT i cannot find it. It is not in my applications folder. I tried searching deep with in the Adobe photoshop folders and cannot seem to find anything remotely close to camera raw. I would love to be able to drag camera raw to my desktiop so when I want to open the application and then open a jpg in it, I could.


      Can anyone help me with this?




      ~ Janine