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    ANN: HTML5 Video Player Dreamweaver Extension Released!

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      Hi All,


      Just wanted to let you know about the great HTML5 Video Player we just released at DMXzone!


      Meet the present and future of HTML5 Video - the HTML5 Video Player Dreamweaver extension! DMXzone's plug-in free, easy to use and fast  video player is ready to shows off the potential of HTML5 internet  revolution. With a full browser compatibility and special support for iPad/iPhone it's a great tool in creating stunning pages.


      Packed with four amazing skins, fullscreen option and built-in support  for Vid.ly encoding and YouTube it  marks the beginning of a new era in Web design. Of course, for the  easiest implementing on a website, there's a super simple Dreamweaver UI  to lead you through the process. Based on jQuery and the great open  source video player Projekktor, the HTML5 Video Player guaranties a fully compliant HTML5 video in all browsers.


      So if you are interested check the many videos and demos about the HTML5 Video Player on DMXzone.



         George Petrov



      PS. There are also many other HTML5 Dreamweaver Extensions we have being releasing recently, like the HTML5 MP3 Player and HTML5 Slideshow! So you might want to check them out as well!