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        A.T. Romano Level 7



        Thanks for that follow up information. I was just about to post some comments on this issue when I saw your lastest post.


        So far, there are 3 users complaining of the "cannot find quicktime components" issue.

        Tony (pastamovies), says is using Windows XP and a purchased download copy of Premiere Elements 9 PC

        olav678, not sure what OS and disc installation or download copy

        You, G26, Mac OS and download copy of Premiere Elements 9 Mac


        In your troubleshooting of this issue with Adobe, did the rep ever offer you a second download copy to try or an installation disc through the mail?

        It would be interesting to know what olav678 details were with regard to OS and source of Premiere Elements 9.


        Tony (pastavideos) has posted his question at another forum that I frequent, and I asked him to look at his Premiere Elements 9 opening processes with the Process Explore Sysinternals. The following is an excerpt of what I posted for him yesterday. The full thread can be found:



        __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________



        Here are some details that might be of interest:

        1. If your watch the actual processes opening when you double click the  Premiere Elements 9 desktop icon targeted for the Adobe Premiere  Elements 9.exe, you will see that
        a. The Adobe Premiere Elements 9.exe opens first and remains the only  program opened process when the Welcome Screen appears and stays that  way until you make a selection on the Welcome Screen.
        b. Once you select New Project on the Welcome Screen, you start to see  the names of the items being loaded in the top right corner of the  Welcome Screen. The first load that appears in all cases is that  exportquicktimehost.prm. The counterpart of that on the processes  opening level is the opening of the Adobe Premiere Elements.exe followed  almost instantaneously by the opening of Dynamic Link Manager and Adobe  QT32 Server.exe AND automatic closure of the Adobe Premiere Elements  9.exe.
        c. When you get to the new project dialog of Premiere Elements, you then have opened processes of:
        Adobe Premiere Elements.exe
        Dynamic Link Manager
        Adobe QT32 Server.exe.
        These three processes remain open from here on until you close Premiere  Elements. When you close Premiere Elements, it is the Dynamic Link  Manager that is the last to close of the trio of Adobe Premiere Elements.exe, Dynamic Link Manager, and Adobe QT32 Server.exe.

        There are been many, many threads at Adobe dealing with problems with  the Adobe QT32 Server.exe and it communication with the Dynamic Link  Manager. Some have suggested looking into a Firewall block as the  cause...lowering or shutting off the Firewall. As I said, there can be a  Windows Firewall as well as a DSL Firewall in use in some systems. So  look at both if such a situation exists. I am not sure if there is a one  size fits all for this type of problem.

        You may want to download and install the Process Explorer Sysinternals  and watch the processes opening in Premiere Elements in your problematic computer  environment situation to see what is happening at that critical opening time.


        __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________

        If Tony were still around, it would be interesting to learn if Tony has tried opening his Premiere Elements 9 PC from a new User Account with Administrative Priviledges and how that worked for him as it did for you. As I mentioned to him in the other thread, I believe (have no proof for) the issue resides in left overs from a prior installation. What are the programs that you have recently uninstalled recently?


        Looking forward to your follow up.



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          Hey Glo,


          That's awesome you found a work around, but I would hardly call that a fix. Having to create a new profile and switch into that new profile/user account every time you want to run Premier is ludicrous. Ridiculous even. Oh well. I'm very happy at this point. I installed Power Director 9
          ( http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdirector/overview_en_US.html ) last night and it installed and worked like a charm. Smooth sailing, works perfectly. I did some fast editing and exported to HD .mov with no snags at all and I must say that  Power Director 9 if FAST!!!!!! WoW! It's gotta be like 10X faster than premier!  Actually I'm glad I had this problem with Premiere which forced me to shop other alternatives.Sooooo happy! Premiere Elements is just a faded memory to me now. Now I can get on with editing my 33 part video series on how to make Spaghetti Sauce with all the meats (The full Italian Sunday Gravy Feast). Woohooo! Excited! Coming soon to http://www.spaghettisauceandmeatballs.com/!

          Peace and good luck to you all on this crazy problem with Premier!


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            pastamovies Level 1



            Hey! That Process Explorer is pretty cool stuff! Thanks for sharing that!


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              Just wanted to say that I installed adobe

              FLASH latest version and it fixed some of the thumbnails, but not the VOB's, so I

              recommend that people make sure they have it installed.


              Since I had a new computer, I didn't give it any thought. I saw on another post that FLASH is necessary to view some thumbs in the catalogue. IT also now plays the mpeg4 files now that FLASH is installed.






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                Hi Guys,


                I first wanted to thank you all for trying to help me with that crazy Premier elemetns problem. Once I found Power Director 9 I was a happy camper because finally I could export to HD after editing. wooohooo!!! I'm excited because I finally finished the project I was working on when I first placed this post here.

                Check out the final HD vids when you get time. You will be able to cook like an Italain grandma when your done ;-) Youtube defaults to lower res, you will have to change it to HD if you want to see the full resolution. Now that I have the correct hardware/Software recipe for this HD stuff the possabilites are endless!

                Pasta Sauce, Meatballs & Sausage for 30 People! Part 1 of 4 : Step by Step details! (14:24)



                Pasta Sauce, Meatballs & Sausage for 30 People! Part 2 of 4 : Step by Step details! (12:44)



                Pasta Sauce, Meatballs & Sausage for 30 People! Part 3 of 4 : Step by Step details! (14:41)



                Pasta Sauce, Meatballs & Sausage for 30 People! Part 4 of 4 : Step by Step details! (10:13)


                Peace!   Tony

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                  pastamovies Level 1

                  Hey..... Grisetti's kitchen... Awesome! :-)   Auh.. Louie Prima!!!  PERFECT!!!!!!!!  :-) Great video. Loved it!  With home made fettucini noodles as well. Nice!


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