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    Trying to upgrade.


          I was getting ready to upgrade a program,Visual Communicator 1 to Adobe's Visual Communicator 3.
      I was having problems with the Wizard in Visual Communicator 1, so I decided to reload the program before I upgrade.
      Well, when I did that I fixed the Wizard, but I didn't have any video or audio.
      I checked the capture card in another application. The capture was very poor. So I decided to load a new driver.
      I downloaded the new updated driver 4.4. But when I loaded it, I got an error in the device manager (code 31).




      This has been a nightmare. I've tried many things already. Like, Rolling Back to Driver, System Restore, deleting the lower and upper
      filters in the value registry. I even tried taking the card out, and reinstalling it. Nothing seems to work, I even tried one of those registry cleaning programs (Error fix). It made the system run better. But it didn't fix the code 31, that it promised to fix. When I load the driver I still get the (code 31), but the software does load.



      I'm really at a loss here. I don't know which way to turn. The funny thing is, it's still showing the 3.1 driver.




      I'm hoping somebody may be able to help me here.


      Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.