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    please help me remove watermarks in pdf? ;-(

    Jayro Rosado

      I have a PDF document that was created using Adobe InDesign CS5 Version 7.0, it is NOT encrypted, I have FULL permissions over it.

      I downloaded the "free 30 day trial " of the exact same program that was used to make the pdf (adobe indesign cs5 version 7.0) and it WILL NOT open the pdf document!!! ;-(

      I get a message saying, "adobe indesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing, or file may be open in another application"... it's definitely not open in another application. Tried that already.

      All i want to do is remove the watermark in the document!!! That's it.. Can someone please help me?? Thanks so much in advance!

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign will not edit pdf files. Acrobat can remove watermarks if they were created in Acrobat. If the watermark was created in InDesign, then you need to edit the original InDesign file.

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            Jayro Rosado Level 1

            Hey Michael thanks so much for replying!

            So what can I possibly do to remove that watermark??? apparently it was made in

            indesign... according to the info on the file it says "content creator: adobe

            indesign cs5 version 7.0"....

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              Joel Cherney Level 5

              The PDF was created with InDesign, but InDesign won't open a PDF for editing without a plugin like PDF2ID. I don't recommend that plugin for you - it doesn't open a PDF in ID so much as try to recreate a PDF in ID. It works, sometimes. That's because PDFs aren't really supposed to be editable, you know; it's designed to be a final container format.


              Also, I wonder why you need to remove a watermark, if you don't have access to the original InDesign file from which the PDF was created. It's possible, sometimes, to remove a graphic with Adobe Acrobat Pro, by using the editing tools that are a part of Acrobat. However, if the creator of the PDF wanted to watermark the PDF so that Random Joe on the Internet couldn't just steal the content and reuse it elsewhere, then I see no good reason to give you a long, detailed lesson in content-thievery. So, if you have a legitimate reason to need to remove the watermark, why don't you go to the source of the PDF and ask them for the InDesign file?

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                Shoepepper Level 1

                Select PDF and open with Illustrator. You might be able to select the watermark and delete. Re-save as a PDF.


                Let us know if it works.

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                  Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                  Generally exceptionally bad advice!!!


                  Adobe Illustrator is not, repeat not, repeat yet again not a general purpose PDF editor. Adobe Illustrator can only safely open and edit a PDF file that was saved from the same or earlier version of Illustrator with the editability option. For any other PDF file, you may experience corruption of contents, especially color spaces, text (if you don't have the exact same fonts installed on your system, regardless of whether they were embedded in the PDF file), etc.


                  For simply removing content, the object edit facilities in Acrobat are generally sufficient.


                            - Dov

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                    Shoepepper Level 1

                    [considers myself well and truly told off and I take on board Dov's valid comments]


                    Yes I should have pointed out that there are many chances of errors creeping in by using my suggestion. Only as a last resort 'work around' when all else fails, and only attempt on a duplicate of the original.


                    Interestingly most designers I know will open a (good) PDF in Illustrator to extract an outline version of a logo or graphic when no better version is available. I hasten to add only when they have a legitimate reason to use the file.

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                      ugotbawlz Level 1

                      It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize you are trying to get pieces of a doc, outline, etc. that are not yours. However, having said that..."designers" do it all of the time using Illustrator. And yes, you will get errors, info windows, etc. but it does work. There, I said it. If you are going to rip people's stuff off however, at least have the pockets to purchase the Adobe software! Don't use trial versions or cracked software...otherwise we might think of you as a true bottom dweller. Nuff said. We have all been "inspired" in some form or another in our "designing" careers, those that say otherwise are just full of crap. Have a good one, just know that it took someone HOURS to create and edit the original - so they do in fact DESERVE their props.

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                        Shoepepper Level 1

                        For the record I would point out that when I have cracked open a PDF to extract a vectorised graphic or logo it has been for the benefit of the copyright owner of the material.


                        It can sometimes be very difficult to get high quality reproduction files from clients - often the larger the company the more it's a problem.  Even after carefully explaining why a vectorised file is needed you can get the response "lift it from our website" or "here's a nice Powerpoint file you can use".


                        I don't condone any unauthorised use of copyright material or illegal software.