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    Signing in

    chargemouse Level 1

      I have been trying to sign in to use Adobe Media player recently but each time I get the same silly message.


      Our records indicate that you have not accepted the latest version of the Adobe Media Player Terms of Use.

      Below is the usaul EULA and the click box below that.

      However before you can click on theat another box comes up
      "We're sorry your request cannot be completed at this time. Please try again in a moment."

      I Click ok try and click on the agreement and then continue. Then go to sign in and the whole stupid pop-ups start again.


      Uninstalling removing all data folders and registry entries on the system and reinstalling doesn't chnge things.

      Even trying to register with a different Adobe ID doesn't help.


      I am assuming that without the sign in completed, the player is pretty useless as the supposed tutorial does not exist and the categories links are effectively greyed out.


      Any ideas, or is this a useless tool Adobe have given away free because it  doesn't work?

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          johnrg Level 1

          Same issue here. And videos that I have made on my computer play back but not with

          audio. They play fine in other players but not Adobe Media Player.

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            BenGref Level 1

            I don't see an answer to your question anywhere. Did you ever find out what the problem was, and/or how to fix it? I'm having the same issue - getting that same message over and over. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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              BenGref Level 1

              Actually, I just noticed another thing that may possibly be related. When I'm in my apps (Ai, Ps, etc) I can't get CS Live open. When I click it (in the top right corner of the app), nothing happens. The rest of the program is fine, but clicking on Live - nothing. It seems like it could be related in some way to the other issue. Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!

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                Lord_Griffonbait Level 1

                It looks like no one at Adobe, or in fact, the world, knows what is  going on with this issue. I can sign in fine with CS Live, however, I  too am stuck with a useless Adobe Media Player for accessing Adobe  content.


                Maybe a registry clean is in order, taking out all the Adobe Media Player references, then reinstalling.


                It  is a shame no one knows what is going on - other posts on this topic  have been around for many months with no hint or a reply from Adobe or a  possible solution.

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                  chargemouse Level 1

                  Hi Ben,

                  If you try hovering your mouse over cslive on the bar it should eventually just produce a drop down menu. It may take a couple of seconds, just depends on the program and the load on your system.

                  Hope that helps. As for the rest as you can see no help from Adobe. There's a surprise!

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                    chargemouse Level 1

                    As you will see from my original posting I have done all you have

                    thought of including a removal of all references to the Player in

                    Registry and in App Data. Still Nothing Doing.

                    I will confess to giving up on this program and putting it down to "Adobe rubbish designed Friday afternoon software".

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                      Lord_Griffonbait Level 1

                      Maybe we should just wait until version 2 comes out. If it ever does - with the number of people complaining about this problem, you gotta wonder why Adobe hasn't responded here.



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                        CAREQUE1349 Level 1

                        Hi Chargemouse,

                        With old due respect I do not see any cslive on the Adobe media player menu.


                        help please,





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                          chargemouse Level 1

                          My comments on cslive were as a result to BenGrefs query on other Adobe

                          products accessing cslive.

                          To get beyond the front (useless) screen of AMP you have to sign in. That is

                          the rub. Most people having signed in get that stupid non contact non

                          agreement screen.

                          Personally I wouldn't bother with program.

                          You can however get to CSlive by going through one of the Adobe suite

                          programs you have on your system. Assuming you are indeed using Adobe

                          products and have signed up for CS live. (which is free)