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    Cross-platform shortcut keys for Actions

    jay fresno Newcomer

      I'm using Captivate 5 on Windows. If I enter a shortcut like ALT-F or CTRL-F for an Action for an object, will a Mac user be able to use that shortcut after the project is published?

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          RodWard Mythic

          This depends very much on which browser the end-user is viewing the content with.

          If the browser happens to use those particular shortcut combinations for some browser action then it will over-ride your actions in the Captivate SWF movie.


          The browser always gets first choice, and this issue of which shortcut keys you can depend on varies from browser to browser.


          I've come to the conclusion that depending on shortcut keys in e-learning without total control over which browser platform the user will have is just asking for trouble.

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            jay fresno Newcomer


            You make a good point about avoiding shortcut keys.

            What I was wondering is if using ALT or CONTROL, keys which Mac users don't have on their keboard, would be a problem for a Mac user -- or if Captivate would automatically translate the Windows shortcut to the equivalent Mac keys, which would be OPTION or COMMAND respectively.

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              RodWard Mythic

              The whole area of shortcut key combinations for use in e-learning is just one big nightmare, and it's not Captivate or Flash's fault.


              If you Google the Flash forums about keystroke combinations you'll find their all trying to find solutions for the same problems there.  It's impossible to predict reliably which keystrokes will or not work because every browser is at least slightly different.


              The ones that seem most unreliable are any key combinations involving function keys and the Ctrl or Alt keys.  Since the interaction with an elearning SWF happens in a browser, the browser always sees the keystroke coming first before the SWF gets to 'hear' it.  If the browser has a certain key combination reserved for its own functionality then it uses it...end of story.


              I realise this is a big disappointment for those people wanting to create elearning that showcases keystroke functionality for software sims, but that's the world we live in.

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                jay fresno Newcomer

                Rod, Thanks for your advice.

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                  you are NOT anwsering his question and you're going off on a RANT - what he is asking  - is will captivate show and allow both versions shortcuts  - so if you produce you captivate project on a mac and you want to save its COMMAND S and windows CONTROL S

                  Will Captivate - show and allow both shortcuts - GET IE?

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                    RodWard Mythic

                    @captainvideo.  I think you may have missed the point of my reply.  It wasn't about whether CAPTIVATE shows or allows these particular keystroke shortcuts, it's whether the myriad combination of web browsers and FLASH SWF output EVER implemented keystroke combinations consistently enough for e-learning developers to be confident about using them in courses.


                    I have a PC, not a MAC. So I cannot tell Jay whether a keystroke for Ctrl + S in a given file playing on a PC will work the same as Command + S on a MAC.  If Jay doesn't have access to both PC and MAC, but can put up a piece of content to test, I'd be happy to provide feedback from a PC perspective, and I'm sure many MAC users on this forum would also be happy to oblige.  However, PC or MAC alone is not going to be enough information.  Those providing feedback will also need to indicate which browser and browser version they are using.  And even then, Jay isn't out of the woods.


                    I'll restate my point that, even if those two particular keystrokes (Alt + F or Ctrl + F) DID happen to work on both platforms, building any kind of browser-based e-learning content that is heavily reliant on keystroke combinations to work has proven to be a recipe for frustration.  We've had lots of threads on such keystroke issues over the years on this forum.  I was trying to save Jay some heartache, or at least forewarn him about the risks if he DID decide to go down that path.


                    If it's considered a rant to offer advice that might help someone on this forum avoid potential frustration trying to implement something that was never going to work reliably anyway, then I'm guilty of it all the time (see my replies about email reporting).   I see that as part of my role here.

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                      Lilybiri Legend

                      Please do not SHOUT in this forum, most people trying to answer (like Rod) are just users trying to help other users, for FREE.



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                        thinklearnearn Newcomer

                        Hey Rod- Nice try - but you did not respond to his actucal question- which is typical of all forums - if you dont know the anwser, then dont repply - just to hear yourself speak - no on has time for mis-information

                        So if one asks "How do I get to yankee stadium" Dont tell them about last nights game...

                        and that's what your reply did - it have Zero to do with his question - Good luck to you Rod- Carpe Diem

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                          thinklearnearn Newcomer

                          and in additon Rod- where did he say "browser" based anyway? There you go again confusing people - and what does any of this have to di with a browser - its about the published keyboard short-cuts that show in Adobe Captivate when you choose that option - If respect and apperacite you trying to assist and help other with your knowledge... But - reply to to actual question and we will all be better for it

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                            RodWard Mythic

                            @captnvideo:  If Jay feels my answer wasn't helpful, it's up to him to complain.  I think he understood my intent.


                            I happen to have a long memory for people like yourself.  Since it's very plain you don't like me, rest assured that I promise never to suggest a solution for any issue you may experience with Captivate...even if I know the answer.

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                              thinklearnearn Newcomer

                              OK Rod... you try to have a good life and enjoy the day - I know I will - live is grand - Wow - I did not know you had such an ego that a forum user would not like you - its nothing personal, its business, I neither like nor dislike you Rod. This is not high school Rod, you're not running for class president and you dont need to pick up your bat and ball and go home - Carpe Diem - No need to reply - we are done here - respectfully yours CV

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                                RodWard Mythic

                                By the way, just to prove there's no hard feelins...If you ever DO want to know how to get to Yankee Stadium, I'd be happy to tell you where to go.

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                                  thinklearnearn Newcomer

                                  Well thanks Rod - directions to yankee stadium 100% not needed - I have season tickets and go to all games - my seats are 6 rows behing the 3rd base dougout and last year out of 81 home games I missed only 2. You can view all my great pics and video here: http://youtube.com/robertvideo - Carpe Diem Rod - enjoy your Sping and Summer and Go Yanks! - PS: If you want to go to a game... let me know - The stadium is 4 stops (12 mins) from my 57th street home on the D train