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    ColorChecker Passport - Camera Raw




      I recently purchased the ColorChecker Passport from X-Rite...


      When I click on "Create a Profile"... I have an error message saying that it is  not possible to create a profile with this image... This message can appear at the beginning of the process or at the very end (after many tries)... (see image... sorry it's in french !)... My picture is not overexposed... not even cropped !


      I'm not able to solve this problem...


      Hope you have a solution...


      Many thanks for your help...


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          Manovi Level 1



          May be one ore more (R, G ord B) channels are burned-out for one or more tones.


          You could test it with ACR.


          It's better to manually expose using if possible the "spot" type exposure on Your camera measuring on exactly the 4th gray patch on the last row (this patch corresponds to 18% gray metering). This should assure well-exposed images.


          Be careful to make the target planar to the lens axis and do not put reflecting obljects around the target, even if out of scene. This can relfect on the target itself.


          If You are unable to obtain a good picture, You can attach one of Your RAW to verify overexposed areas.



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            danae830 Level 1

            Thanks Manovi for your answer...

            It works now... I don't know where my head is... I've used the auto-white balance setting !!!

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              hsbn Level 3

              CCP software disregard WB setting in RAW file. So it doesn't matter if you set the WB to auto or not.