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    Fw Pen Tool Bugged - Can't Create Points w/ a click


      So I don't use Fireworks much, but am trying to start. Am I wrong in thinking that just CLICKING somewhere on the canvas with the Pen Tool should add a point? Because it's not happening for me. The only way it adds a point is if I click and drag - which always creates a curve with handles. In Photoshop and Illustrator just clicking on the canvas creates a point that you can continue. What could be the problem?


      I've tried restarting my Mac, trashing Fireworks' preferences, fiddling with the mouse/touchpad click settings, ... nothing seems to work. And I know it can't be the Mac itself because this function works in AI/PS. Do I have something accidentally enabled that doesn't allow you to create a bloody point? I can't even believe I have to post on here for such a simple task.


      Any help would be appreciated...