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    Some Help with making my PC faster to handle CS4 better

    kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

      Gentlemen !


      This topic might help a lots of people like myself and others who will appreciate

      I know some of you are experts in setting up a PC for maximum use with CS4 Premiere or AE.

      Please share some of your thoughts and experties to configure our PCs better


      There are so many unnecessary applications and programs are running in the background , while editing video, but I am not sure which ones to disable , I am using my PC just for editing my videos, please share , what needs to be done to get maximum use out of a PC


      I use

      Win7 Ultimate

      CS4 Premiere and AE

      6BG Ram

      Dual core 2.80GHZ CPU

      Video card NVIDIA GeForce9800GT


      Proper links will be appreciated !


      Thank You !