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    Upgrading From Altercast to Livecycle

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      I was looking for some direction.  We currently use Adobe Document Server 5.0 and the Altercast Web Service to pass XML to a template and for it to pass us back a pdf document.  We have been advised that Lifecycle is the way forward.  I was wondering if the Output Module would be the correct module to use for this?  Does anybody have any pointers in this direction.

      Any help would be gratefully recieved.


      Many Thanks


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          Neal G. Davies Level 2

          Yes LC Output ES is the correct module for this; it is however a different product that works in a different way.

          Altercase - Adobe Document Server; contained a XSL-FO engine for PDF formatting - which is I presume the feature that you are describing

          LC Output ES uses a document template developed with LC Designer ES; The template and XML data are merged into a PDF Document.

          So to be clear; you can't just take the assets you use today with Adobe Document Server and move them to LC Output ES; you will need to design templates and provide XML which is only data (no formatting instructions).


          You can downlaod trial software at - http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/trial.html

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            ChrisSamWeir Level 1

            Thanks for that Neal.


            Not the answer I was looking for unfortunately but useful all the same.


            So at the moment I have some PDF templates sitting on the server and I pass it some XML with the data for the fields.  The Altercast populates the pdf for me and returns it.


            So it sounds now like I am going to have to rewrite all these templates in LiveCycle.  Do I then still just pass some xml through a web service to get my PDF returned?  Sorry if I am sounding a little dumb here but I have been somewhat dumped with the app and dont know very much about it.

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              Neal G. Davies Level 2

              If you have PDF templates then it is more likely you are using PDF which have fields added via Acrobat then the data is in FDF or XFDF format. LiveCycle Designer does not support this format.


              Check - http://help.adobe.com/en_US/LiveCycle/9.5/WorkbenchHelp/WS92d06802c76abadb-1bb6724d12826be 9e66-8000.html looks like it might work for you with FDF data; note this is a component of Forms not Output; but see if it works for you first with trial S/W; then look at licensing.


              Otherwise the LiveCycle path is to use LC Designer to import your PDF; it may convert your fields to LC Designer (XFA) model format - i am not 100% sure. I did find this rather old document discussing the topic. http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/acrobat/sdk/AcroJS_DesignerJS.pdf

              The FDF format data would be close to the format LC Output/Forms ES would need but would still need some changes.

              BTW Forms is for Interactive PDF and Output is for PDF Documents – not sure if interactivity is part of what you are trying to achieve or not.


              There are likely other people on the forum that have much more insight into the technical aspcts of this than I; but I hope these thoughts will help you.