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      Im planning on making some templates up for my print company to give out to clients. Im just wondering if there is away i can watermark the indesign file with our logo etc without the client being about to remove it when they open it in there copy of indesign?


      If needs must i can just give them a PDF template but id rather hand them indesign templates when i can...


      Using indesign CS4 or CS5.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Sad that you can't trust the client but no, you can't prevent them from removing the watermark.


          You can't really prevent it in the PDF either.



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            Loki-Ison Level 1

            Bugger, I had a vage memory of something I though might work by making the master none editably but couldnt remember if you could do it with a password etc.


            I think the clients can be trusted to be honest and even if they do give away the templates afterwards i dont really see a huge loss but the companys sales team doesnt trust anyone.


            Well thanks for the help, you just saved me lots of playing around.

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              Shoepepper Level 1

              As an alternative to a watermark how about putting a copyright notice in the 'File Info'.


              It will not guarantee cast iron protection but it will be a warning to those in possession of your template.

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                Loki-Ison Level 1

                I have to admit I am not entirly sure how to do that or even the effects it would have...

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                  [Jongware]-9BC6tI Level 4

                  In your InDesign document, choose File -> File Info ... and fill in the fields with useful default data. The "Title" and "Author" fields will appear as such in any PDF that gets exported from it, as can be seen in "Document Info" in Acrobat Reader or Pro. The "Title" will also appear if you select to show the title, instead of the default file name, in the title bar on opening the document.


                  And they appear in Google if the PDF is put online, so it might be a bad idea to plainly state "Do Not Distribute" into these fields. But all of the other fields of File Info also get stored in any PDF, so you can fill in a default "Description Writer" , "Copyright Notice", and "Copyright status".


                  Apart from that: it's even possible to add custom data with the File Info field, and that will also get stored into any exported PDF.


                  Note that any and all information in the File Info field only gets exported by InDesign on a straightforward export to PDF. Printing to a file, then distilling it, for example, will not retain it.

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                    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    If you add the Watermark in Acrobat and give it an opacity.


                    Put it at 45 degrees across the page


                    Then change the opacity to 25% or something (whatever suits)


                    Then use PDF optimiser to Flatten the PDF



                    The Watermark should break into pieces where it interacts with things on the page

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                      Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      If you want a logo then just use an image for the watermark in the options

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                        Shoepepper Level 1

                        It's very simple:


                        With InDesign file open go




                        >File Info


                        >Description Tab


                        After you've added your copyright info export xmp data which makes it easier to apply same notice to other files.


                        You could also add a copyright message on the page as well.


                        This use of metadata can also be applied in other Adobe applications

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                          Loki-Ison Level 1

                          Thanks everyone, I will have a play with the info files


                          Now ive just got 400 templates to finish making and apply an info file..