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    Problem OL CS5 won't run - OLCS3 reinstall dies after startup


      I had been using OnLocation (hereafter OL) on my laptop successfully, but the old app was poorly organized. So I bought the Production Premium Suite and installed CS5 OL on my laptop in support of my video activities. The CS5 OL didn't work properly and since I had immediate need, I uninstalled it (but did not deactivate) using the Win7 Control Panel and then reinstalled CS3 OL. This app loaded to panel setup and then Win7 advised it had stopped. Repeated several times. Then uninstalled and reinstalled. Same symthyms. I sense this may have something to do with not activating, but am in the dark. Adobe chat just directs me back to user forums. Can anybody help?

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          miltko Level 1

          I had added the following to another users question and I'd like to include it here.


          I  succesfully used OnLocation CS3 with my Toshiba Pentium 4 laptop with a  max screen resolution of 1024x768. Based on DV Rack, the tool layout  was sloppy, requiring me at this resolution to scroll down the screen  for panels below the current screen. I eagerly moved on to OnLocation  CS5 with its neat Adobe CS layout style. It booted up fine but the  panels were squashed and I couldn't  get any panel response. Bad news.  Searching for a reason, I found a website that stated a requirement for a  1280x900 screen resolution (actually the complaint was from a guy with  only 1280x800 resolution). Not good news. My quad desktop and monitor  ran OL CS5 in fine style.


          Well, I said, I'll just switch  back to OL CS3 which worked before on this laptop. On startup, the app  repeatedly crashed on initial panel loading. The only thing different  with the setup was that I upgraded from WinXP to Win7, normally an  excellent decision. I tried to use the compatibility wizard to allow  Win7 to operate as a WinXP machine. No good. Microsoft has no fix for  this problem. So in addition to the problems previously noted, pay  attention to OS compatibility.



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            Basilio Alferow Level 1

            I don't think that the OS is the problem as I have OL CS3 running with no issues on a Win XP Pro desktop, an aging Toshiba laptop running 32 bit Vista Home Basic and a newer Toshiba laptop running Win 7 Home Premium.  Are you perhaps trying to run it on Win 7 64 bit?

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              miltko Level 1

              Thanks for your response.

              This Toshiba laptop is only capable of running 32 bit programs. It's not

              the CS3 installation disc because I have installed it on three other

              laptops running on XP as a trial and it works fine. So the problem is

              within my laptop.


              Note I also have Production Premium CS5 but Win7 refused to load because

              of lack of screen resolution. Based on your statement about OL CS3 on

              Win7Prem below, I'll retry that install. I added XP as a dual boot

              because in the past, this laptop ran OL CS3 on the preceding XP OS. I

              run everything else in Prod. Prem. on a 64 bit Win7 desktop but who

              wants to take a desktop to a remote shoot?


              I'm also going to take the laptop over to a place with free testing to

              see if they find anything wrong with the video card.


              Updates for both Tosh laptop and XP are current (The latter on SP3).