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    Button with Rollover menu


      I have searched and searched without finding an anwer, so hopefully someone can help me here.


      I have a button on my main app which has a custom skin applied and an inline click handler.  What I need is on rollover a RichEditableText component (or another component someone can suggest) should appear right next to the button and the user can then click on one of the files listed (created dynamically from an xml file) in the RET.  Currently I have the RET on the button skin with the necessary code to create/populate the hyperlink list (really a textflow) and show the RET on rollover; my problem:  when trying to click a hyperlink in the RET, the click handler in the main app is fired instead of the hyperlink doing its thing.  I understand that the RET is currently part of the button and that is probably why the button's click handler is firing (from main app), but I can't figure out how to do what I need to do without adding the RET to the button skin or using something like mx menu (if not in the skin file, the RET closes as soon as button rollout occurs).


      Please help...and thank you in advance.