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    Project management sofware to aid InDesign


      I stumble upon this

      articlewhich features 43 compared project management software alternatives and I am still having problem on what to choose that would be perfect for InDesign.
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          Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional

          What is it you want to do with project management software aids for InDesign?

          I'm wondering if you might need to look at workflow/production based solutions for InDesign instead?


          For example these are three that I'm thinking of:





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            Graham vdR Level 1

            Funny – I was just starting to look around for flat-plan / page management software myself. It's exciting to see what's available (thanks Cari!).


            As a starting point, can you recommend any free flat-plan software? At this stage I don't need sophisticated cross-application integration or project management capabilities, just something basic to create and edit page plans.

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              Cari Jansen Adobe Community Professional



              Have you considered doing this:

              • Use InDesign and generate the number of pages needed for your publication.
              • Setup a separate layer called 'flatplan'.
              • Set-up different object styles that would apply a different colour for different content-zones (e.g. editorial, ad etc.), and include in the object-style a paragraph style reference and text-inset so that you can also type some details for each content-zone (e.g. ad-number or something).
              • Once you've completed the flat-plan in InDesign
              • You can communicate to others for instance by printing it as thumbnails  (In Print > Setup, enable Thumbnails).


              You could even use your publication template for this and just add the flatplan related layer and styles to it.

              • As long as you use a separate layer for your flatplan info, you can change that layer to 'non-printing' when production is completed, and you can also use it to retain status information for your publication during the production process.


              It's not automatic... but if you've already got InDesign its definitely not costing you anything extra ;-)


              I'm not aware of a flatplan plug-in for InDesign. I did come across:




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                Graham vdR Level 1

                Thanks Cari. I hadn't thought of doing it like this, probably partly because I hadn't used the Thumbnails option for printing and want a way to view many pages at once. The trouble with my previous method of using tables came when I wanted to move pages around, but that won't be an issue here. I'll give it a try.


                That Mao Workflow looks pretty good, but I couldn't find any purchase or download info.


                Thanks for the suggestions!

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                  rossw77259795 Level 1



                  I dont suppose you have ever used this method you mentioned?  I am trying to work out a method of creating a flat plan on CC so that other creatives within my team can view at a glance but also edit should things change.


                  Come across anything that would work in this way at all?