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    About dynamic link

    HarryPutnam Level 1

      Can anyone tell me what happens concerning dynamic link in this scheme:


      I have CS4 Production Premium installed for a good while.  I''ve since bought a single version of AE CS5.  I'm not able to just upgrade to a CS5 suite but am considering buying a single license for PPro CS5


      I'm curious how dynamic linking between AE and PPro will work.  Or if it will work at all with the two CS5 single products?


      Also, after looking at `Changes' and whats new write ups from PPRo CS4 to CS5 PPro I'm not at all clear what has actually changed that would be meaningful to me.


      I do what might be described as low-end beginner videograph (only SD so far), weddings, retirements etc.


      I also fiddle around with some more advanced effects and animations. In fact that is where my real insterests lie.  I bought AE CS5 for the roto-brush.  Something I find very useful.


      I see one change in CS5 ppro that is worth quite a lot... the ability to simply and quickly export a single frame.  Something that was really a pita in CS4.


      And something I do quite a lot of at times.


      I wonder if some of the other annoying aspects of the media encoder my be improved as well.  Things like being able to quickly and accurately pick a specific section of time line to be rendered.   I've found many times in CS4 that even though the handles for the work area were set, the render ended up being something quite different than I expected and would have to reset and do it again... to get it right.


      So, with that basic description of what my usage may be like, can any one tell me what features are new in CS5 that may be particularly useful to me on a practical level?


      For example, is the effects-controls dialog any nicer to work with?   It always seemed really ponderous and unhandy to me for things like panning, zooming, messing with time and so on.


      I usually would end up doing nearly all that in AE so that dynamic linking is pretty important...

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          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

          I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that DL will not work without a suite version of the programs...

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            First off, you will not have Dynamic Link when buying the programs separately.  You get that only when you buy the suite.


            Having said that, there are a few big improvements with CS5 that make the new suite well worth the upgrade price.


            For starters, PP, AE and Photoshop are now 64 bit native applications.  Which means they only run on a 64 bit OS, with Windows 7 64 being the preferred.  This means two things.  With 64 bit "words", you get more work done in the same clock cycle.  That's computer speak for "it's faster".  It also means access to more than 4 GB of memory.


            And that's another huge benefit, much better memory management in CS5 than previous versions.


            CS5 also adds hardware acceleration to many effects with the appropriate nVidia graphics card.  Depending on your usage, the time savings here can be substantial.


            CS5 adds improved quality when downscaling HD to SD resolutions.


            CS5 adds support for many DSLR formats that were difficult if not impossible to work with in CS4.


            CS5's Adobe Media Encoder is easier to use, and can now be bypassed.  You can export directly from PP without using AME.


            CS5 is overall more stable and bug free than CS4, whose development cycle has ended and will see no more bug fixes ever.


            Those are just a few.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Historically, this has been the pattern - ADL with the suites only, and not just the stand-alone versions. Not sure if this has changed with CS5, but I doubt so.


              One obvious exception would be PrPro and Encore, as they are purchased and installed together. AE would be a different story.



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                Gazzaspi Level 1



                I only have PrPro and Encore CS5  and can confirm that Dynamic link works fine between the two programs, which I am very pleased about



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                  Jim_Simon Level 9

                  One obvious exception would be PrPro and Encore


                  That's news.  (Damn, two things learned today.  I'm gonna have to take a day off.)