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    How to automatically saved a pdf form into a network folder using a submit button


      Good evening to everyone,


      I'm more than a beginner on adobe development reason why I would like to apologize first if my questions are dumbs. :-(


      I would like to know if 'Adobe 9 Professional Extended' has the possibility to put some code into a submit button in order for the pdf form to be saved with a unique name and into a Network folder located into an Encryption Server where we handle our PII. Is it? Over the past two weeks I've been digging into the documentation but I'm unable to find something that will help me to accomplish our headquarters requirements.


      If there is no possibility, is there any programming language that adobe accepts in order to configure a piece of code that will store the file into a network folder? Perhaps VB or C-SHARP?


      Whatever feedback anyone can give, I deeply appreciate it.