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      • 80. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
        Stradibarrius Level 1

        I tried it. Your instructions were great but it didn't work..


        Also, one of the things that seems common among many of us who are having the problem is that I created another user account on my machine and from that account everything works fine. Bridge CS5 launches lightning fast! The problem is that I have to back and forth between user accounts which is a pain.


        Thanks again for your efforts. If you come up with another idea please let me know.


        Barry Dudley

        • 81. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open

          Darn, sorry about that. Apparently there are multiple issues at work here.


          Regarding your issue, have you tried right-clicking on Bridge and then selecting

          "Run as Administrator"? I've had that work on other programs with similar

          symptoms. Also, have you checked your Windows log to see what DLL is actually

          causing the crash. It's possible that there is another DLL causing a similar



          Sorry again that this fix didn't resolve the issue. I know how frustrating this




          • 82. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
            Stradibarrius Level 1

            It doesn't crash, it just doesn't open. I have tried opening by "run as admin" but no cigar.

            When I click on the icon the little circular arrow pops up for about 2 secs. And then it's gone.

            Again, thanks for your efforts!


            Barry Dudley

            • 83. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
              Ron Geisman Level 1

              Hi Brent-


              Thank you for following up. It is appreciated. I posted on January 8th an

              excerpt from my Event Log. For convenience I'll repost it here. It shows as

              best I can discern that the problem relates to Bridge's interaction with my

              kernel32.dll file.


              Log Name:      Application

              Source:        Application Error

              Date:          1/8/2011 3:44:17 PM

              Event ID:      1000

              Task Category: (100)

              Level:         Error

              Keywords:      Classic

              User:          N/A

              Computer:      RLG-Office



              Faulting application name: Bridge.exe, version:, time stamp:



              Faulting module name: kernel32.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16481, time stamp:



              Exception code: 0xc0000005

              Fault offset: 0x0004f049


              Faulting process id: 0x1ad8

              Faulting application start time: 0x01cbaf8df69733b6


              Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge



              Faulting module path: C:\Windows\system32\kernel32.dll


              Report Id: 34ad18ea-1b81-11e0-b0a0-20cf30e664e6

              Event Xml:


              For everyone's information, I just put in a call to Adobe Systems Corporate.

              I ended up leaving a voicemail with their North American Support Manager

              outlining the case number and the nature of the problem. We'll see when I

              might get a response. It's 2:30pm on a Friday afternoon, so I would looking

              for any breakthrough news today. Maybe we could start a forum pool as to

              when (and if) this issue is ever resolved by someone from Adobe. My own

              suspicion is that resolution will come from someone apart from Adobe like



              Thanks to everyone who is keeping this effort (and thread) active.

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                berickson Level 1

                Ah, I see. Yes I saw your post. The kernal32.dll isn't a part of the Adobe

                products so my fix isn't going to work. Sorry about that.The exception you are

                getting is an "access violation" which often occurs when something the program

                is relying on does not load correctly, for example, Adobe may be trying to load

                a DLL or script and just assumes that it loads correctly and so goes ahead and

                start to process it. I know that doesn't help resolve the problem but I thought

                maybe some additional information may eventually help.

                • 85. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                  berickson Level 1

                  That's exactly what mine did as well. It does actually "crash" but just not with

                  the usual dialog and fanfare. The Windows application log still should show an

                  entry (usually both an "information" and an "error") for the event. Might be

                  worth looking into.



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                    Chris_Finlayson Level 1

                    What's super frustrating too, is that I don't get any kind of application error, in the event log! When I phoned Adobe support, the first thing they asked me to do was see if it would open in a new user, and as soon as I said it would, they refused to help any further, and told me to call Microsoft.


                    "It's a user account problem, and we can't help with that."


                    Is anyone else not getting any error message?  I have no problems at all with any other Adobe program, it's just Bridge.



                    • 87. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                      Chris_Finlayson Level 1

                      Well, I got it to work!!!!!


                      Here's my situation:

                      All Adobe Programs work except Bridge

                      Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

                      Bridge would not start, click it, get the little circle for a couple of seconds, then nothing.

                      No error in the application log

                      New Administrator User can get Bridge to start

                      High frustration level from user

                      Tried deleting the preferences, to no avail


                          • DISCLAIMER *** Do this at your own risk!  If you want to try this, back your stuff up! I suggest you back up your whole system, but for the love of Pete, don't blame me for wrecking your system!


                      I logged in as the new user where Bridge worked fine, and thought, OK it's a user thing. So I navigated to the System C:/Users/User that doesn't work/App Data/Roaming/Adobe/Bridge CS5/ and figured, (this may be different on your system, so make sure you are in the right spot!) I'd just copy everything from the same folder under the user that did work, and see if it would work.


                      Before I did that, I backed up every file and folder in the user that doesn't work, but before I copied over the files from the user that did work, I figured, "Eh, what the heck, maybe it will recreate all new preferences folders, (Cache, Collections, Export Panel, Export Presets, Adobe Bridge Keywords.xml, etc.) and then did not copy anything into that folder, left it blank.


                      Then logged in as the user that didn't work, and lo' and behold it opened!


                      I realize that in this thread/forum, it appears that we are looking at a number of different problems, and this solution may not work for all of you, especially the ones that are actually getting errors, but hope this helps someone.



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                        BridgeQE Level 1

                        Hi Ron and all the others who suffered this issue:


                        this is Tony from Adobe Bridge QE team, we are listening this issue. we really hope to resolve this issue ASAP.

                        so we will have Bridge QE to contact you soon. and we need your help for the following before we contacted:

                        1. you are OK to work with Bridge QE to log-in to your machine to do diagonose.

                        2. please confirm which Win 7 updates you installed before BR CS5 does not work

                        3. you still have the environment that BR CS5 can't open

                        for those who can confirm the above 3, please send me an email wxin@adobe.com to share your email, contact method, and will have Bridge QE to contact you soon.



                        Adobe Bridge QE

                        • 89. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                          Stradibarrius Level 1

                          You have described my problem exactly!


                          Barry Dudley

                          • 90. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                            JolieKatana Level 1

                            that sounded like a good idea, (replace SCCore.dll) and I tried it, however - It still is broken with same error


                            I can open Bridge

                            I can open one image at a time in ACR 6.3

                            I cannot open multiple images in 6.3 ACR or PS

                            cannot paste settings from one image to another in OS or Bridge ACR


                            32 bit PS and Bridge

                            Win xp sp3

                            no firefox ,no norton, no errors reported for Bridge


                            also tired the open as.. admin

                            I have only one account and I am admin- use no pw

                            and it makes an error and won't "run as"-- admin


                            error message:

                            logon failure user acct restriction. Blanks passwords now allowed, logon hours or policy restriction has been enforced

                            • 91. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                              Ron Geisman Level 1



                              Thank you for your post on this forum.


                              First an assumption on my part: QE is an abbreviation for Quality



                              1. I am happy to work with you and allow you access for diagnosis.

                              2. In my case, Bridge CS5 has not worked from day one of the installation.

                              All Microsoft updates for Windows 7 32-bit are current through February 10,


                              3. I may be contacted directly at this email address. My office phone number

                              should be on file with adobe Tech Support under case 181 984 734.


                              I look forward to hearing from you...



                              Ron Geisman

                              • 92. Re: Bridge CS5 ACR- FIXED IT!!!!!!
                                JolieKatana Level 1

                                Windows XP SP3


                                Control panel>>>Adminstrative TOOLS>>> SERVICES LOCAL>>>ADOBE LM Services>>was not ON>>> was set to manual, I asked it to START the service


                                now I can use ACR

                                it still opens PS CS5

                                but I can now use ACR 6.3 and select multiple files to process



                                and thanks to the people who had USER issues that gave me the idea to snoop into accounts and permissions


                                not sure if it wll still stay on when I restart, will check into it

                                • 93. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                  aochenglong Level 2

                                  Dear users,

                                  Today, I connected with a customer(Barry) for this issue. And we found the root cause in his machine. This is caused by there has a folder under the workspaces folder in Bridge user data folder. So can those who still can’t launch Bridge check your Bridge Workspaces folder to see if your issue is same as Barry’s? Below is a instruction for how to do this.


                                  1) Go to folder C:\Users\[your account]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CS5\Workspaces

                                  2) Check if there has any folder here.

                                  3) If there are some folders, delete all of them.

                                  4) Attempt to launch Bridge.


                                  If above can fix your issue, please reply in this thread. I want see how many people have same issue.



                                  Bridge Quality Engineer


                                  • 94. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                    Stradibarrius Level 1

                                    Success!!!!! Chenglong with Adobe support fixed my Bridge CS5 problem. My problem may not be exactly the same as yours but I know that many of you did have the same exact issue. I think they have figured out how to fix the problem...at least they did for me.

                                    Chenglong knew how to find the problem and as a Bridge engineer I have nothing but good things to say about his work. Having said that I am disappointed that Adobe took so long to address the issue when Chenglong found and fixed the problem in just a little over an hour.


                                    I do not have the computer software skills to fix this problem on my own. I allowed Chenglong to remotely fix the problem in my computer. He did it useing a shared screen program so I could see what he was doing as he worked. Some of you  "sufferers" I'm sure have the knowledge and expertise to use the information that Chenglong posted in the above reply but many of you are like me and do NOT have this expertise. I would never have tried or even know where to look for this problem.


                                    Adobe, do not just post a technical "how to" and expect users like me to fix the problem on their own. This problem came with the software when I PURCHASED it so please help those like me who think your software is terrific, enjoy using it but are not computer engineers.


                                    Again THANK YOU Chenglong for a job WELL DONE!!!!


                                    I hope this resolution is applicable for all the rest of you CS5 users who are having the same issue.



                                    • 95. Re: Bridge CS5 - no ACR functions
                                      JolieKatana Level 1

                                      well Bridge does open for me- it just does not allow me to use ACR- no right click open file in RAW- no copy/paste settings


                                      I did solve the problem of only being able to open one image at a time

                                      by starting LM services in the registry


                                      I can open ACR in PS CS5- and then I can do those functions

                                      all of a sudden upload to Facebook now works too


                                      I am using XP so the path is not as you descibed- I looked in Docs&Settings/user account/application data

                                      and local settings/app data

                                      also looked at all the other users- admin, default etc

                                      also looked in Program files/Common files

                                      looked at Bridge and PS

                                      then tried search all c drive


                                      no such file or folder as "roaming" exists on my comp

                                      • 96. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                        Ron Geisman Level 1

                                        Hi Barry, et.al.


                                        I tried Chenlong's resolution as well, but for me there is no success...

                                        yet. We are scheduled to meet online at the end of the workday here (west

                                        coast) and hopefully there will be some resolution. I also talked with Sumit

                                        Singh of Tech Support earlier in the week and after about two hours he was

                                        of the opinion that Adobe Switchboard is not executing when you call Bridge.

                                        He was going to research that issue and get back to me.


                                        So it seems that contacting Adobe corporate has been helpful. I emailed John

                                        Loiacono, the Adobe VP ultimately responsible for the Creative Suites

                                        products and also left a voicemail for the National Manager, Technical

                                        Support. I did not hear back from either one, but suddenly two tech support

                                        people are working on this.



                                        • 97. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                          Stradibarrius Level 1

                                          I think your contacting the VP made the difference.

                                          I did find that if I am in PS CS5 and click on the Bridge tab or Mini-Bridge tab I get an error message. So if Chenglong is able to fix your problem test that function to make sure it works a well.


                                          Good luck, I hope to hear that the problem is resolved for you!


                                          Barry Dudley

                                          • 98. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                            Ron Geisman Level 1

                                            Hi Barry-


                                            Just finished an hour and a half session with Chenglong. No luck. Found It

                                            seems that both ExtendScript Toolkit and Adobe Switchboard have similar

                                            problems. Both are visible as processes but both do not appear as

                                            applications in TaskMgr.


                                            The next step is to create a crash dump log and see what that tells us. C-L

                                            is sending info later as an email as to how he wants me to do this.


                                            Thanks again for the support.



                                            • 99. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                              Ron Geisman Level 1

                                              Hello Everyone-


                                              Good news (at least for me). Chenglong Ao in Beijing from Adobe Quality

                                              Engineering has suggested a solution that works!


                                              The process was fairly straightforward. He had me modify my registry to

                                              create a dump log. Tried to open Bridge and then sent him an email with the

                                              resultant dump log attached. From that Chenglong suggested three possible

                                              solutions. I tried the first and amazingly up popped Bridge for the first

                                              time! Attached is Chenglong's solution(s). I hope that this proves

                                              beneficial to at least some of you with the same problem Also, my personal

                                              thanks to each of you who have contributed to this thread. This solution is

                                              also very much a result of your efforts and persistence.


                                              " Hi Ron,

                                              It seems we found a clue from the dump file you sent to us. To confirm our

                                              thought, can you please try following methods?

                                              Method 1:

                                              1) Rename "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Bridge CS5 Extensions" folder

                                              to another name, like "Bridge CS5 Extensions.bak"

                                              2) Attempt to launch Bridge.


                                              Method 2:

                                              1)Replace "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge CS5\SCCore.dll" file with

                                              "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\ SCCore.dll" file.

                                              2)Attempt to launch Bridge.


                                              Method 3:

                                              Press Shift when launching Bridge (Press Shift key + Click on Bridge CS5

                                              icon from Start menu).


                                              Method 4:

                                              Press Alt+Shift when launching Bridge.


                                              Please let me know if any one of above methods can fix your issue.





                                              Chenglong Ao alonao@adobe.com

                                              • 100. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                Curt Y Level 7

                                                Ron and others


                                                This has been a long lasting thread with many contributing.  I am glad that most, if not all, have Bridge up and running finally.


                                                The point I would like to make is that all exhibited the same problem, but the solution for one did not always work for the others.  So persistance payed off, and one can see there was no one easy fix.


                                                Why all the "fixes" had to be different is another question.

                                                • 101. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open

                                                  Adobe engineer, Chenglong, worked with my computer last night for over 2 hrs to no avail. I have since sent him some files to work with and hopefully he can make some since out of this so we can all find a solution.



                                                  • 102. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                    BridgeQE Level 1

                                                    Hi CutY:

                                                    the root causes of the issue are different, although the behavior is quite same. and Bridge had dependencies on different tech or components, so we need to work out 1 by 1.

                                                    and for Ron's issue, there is quick and easy fix that is removing the nested folder for workspace folder in user data folder.

                                                    we are still working with you guys on different scenarios.

                                                    thanks for your understanding and support!


                                                    Bridge QE

                                                    • 103. Re: Bridge CS5- RAW Won't Open
                                                      JolieKatana Level 1

                                                      had already tried 2,3,4 before, as people posted the solutions

                                                      yesterday tried method one

                                                      still same

                                                      can open Bridge but not use RAW functions

                                                      error- Camera RAW not enabled-requires a qualifying program be launched at least once to enable


                                                      if I select multiple files I can opne them ion ACR but PS opens first (this worked after started LM service from registry)


                                                      in msconfig

                                                      I can see switchboard is not running-- it says stopped

                                                      the button to enable it is grayed out

                                                      so I was looking to fix it in registry like I did the LM service but I can't figure out how to do that

                                                      • 104. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open

                                                        how do i get an event log like that when my adobe photoshop won't open

                                                        • 105. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                          Ron Geisman Level 1

                                                          Hi Lasallepat-


                                                          The fact that Photoshop does not open is in itself an event. It should be

                                                          recorded in event viewer. However your best bet is to contact Adobe Tech

                                                          Support. It may be a long and sometimes frustrating process, but if you read

                                                          some of the responses in this thread you will see that there are ways to

                                                          ultimately get the attention you need.

                                                          • 106. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                            heronsong Level 1

                                                            Chenglong's advice:

                                                            1) Go to folder C:\Users\[your account]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Bridge CS5\Workspaces
                                                            2) Check if there has any folder here.
                                                            3) If there are some folders, delete all of them.
                                                            4) Attempt to launch Bridge.


                                                            worked for me, and I have remigrated from the secondary personality I created earlier to make Bridge work. Phew! No longer have to keep changing personalities to get anything done. Thanks, Chenglong.

                                                            • 107. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                              Mr Electron Level 1

                                                              Hello all,


                                                              Just an update to say that my Bridge CS5 issue has been resolved by Chenglong at Adobe. It did prove to be related to the last update, which seems to have been somehow corrupted, but after several hours and Adobe Web Conferencing sessions, Chenglong's persistence paid off and I'm delighted to say that I am back to my normal workflow again now. For those who may be interested, the solution required replacement of the Bridge exe file in the end, but all worked perfectly again afterwards.

                                                              This was superb support from Chenglong and well deserving of a mention on the Forum!

                                                              • 108. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                JolieKatana Level 1

                                                                care to tell us how you got that new file to replace Bridge.exe? he sent you a file?


                                                                • 109. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                  JolieKatana Level 1

                                                                  nested into where?

                                                                  remove the folder and delete it? or put it someplace else?

                                                                  • 110. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                    Mr Electron Level 1

                                                                    Hi Kat Woman,


                                                                    Chenglong supplied the file for me and it had to be placed into the Program files folder (C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge CS5\), replacing the original (updated, but corrupted)  Bridge.exe file. A complete re-install of Bridge probably would have worked too. Chenglong compared the exe file that was on my system with a known good one and found discrepancies, hence the solution.

                                                                    Are you up and running again with Bridge yet?

                                                                    • 111. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                      JolieKatana Level 1

                                                                      well Bridge has always opened for me- but it won't do some functions w/o an error message (cut/paste develop settings, choose multiple files, ACR preferences)

                                                                      I did find LM services in my registry and turned it to AUTO- ACR opens in Photoshop if I slect multiple images and I can use it- I can do edits in Bridge, and use the facebook uploader

                                                                      • 112. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                        Ron Geisman Level 1

                                                                        I really don't know who Chenglong Ao is, but I gotta tell ya, he's the one

                                                                        guy at Adobe who deserve a raise... a BIG raise!

                                                                        • 113. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                          aochenglong Level 2


                                                                          Hi Electron,


                                                                          Actually, the last update is just one of the suspect cause. Antivirus software, virus or other software also can corrupt the Bridge.exe file. We are still investigating this.




                                                                          For those who still can’t open Bridge, you can try following solutions:


                                                                          Solution 1:

                                                                          Press Ctrl key when launching Bridge CS5. Once Reset Settings dialog appears select Reset Preferences and Purge Thumbnail Cache, then press OK button.


                                                                          Solution 2:

                                                                          Press Shift key when launching Bridge (Press Shift key + Click on Bridge CS5 icon from Start menu). If this works for you, the issue might be caused by startup scripts. Then you can disable all startup scripts in the Startup Scripts section of Bridge Preferences dialog.


                                                                          Solution 3:

                                                                          Press Alt+Shift keys when launching Bridge.


                                                                          Solution 4:

                                                                          Rename folder “C:\Documents and Settings\[useraccount]\Application Data\Adobe\Bridge CS5” to “Bridge CS5.bak”, then attempt to launch Bridge.


                                                                          If above solutions don’t work for you, there might be following reasons to cause this.

                                                                          -The file binary of Bridge CS5 might be corrupted by something else. For this case, you can do nothing except reinstall the PS or suite.

                                                                          -Or some of the system preferences caused this. You can check your system preference, like UAC or antivirus software.



                                                                          Bridge Quality Engineer


                                                                          • 114. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                            aochenglong Level 2

                                                                            Thanks Ron.

                                                                            • 115. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                              Mr Electron Level 1

                                                                              Here here! Got to agree with you Ron!

                                                                              • 116. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                                Mr Electron Level 1

                                                                                Hi Chenglong,


                                                                                I can't remember if I told you that my system was running Alwil Avast antivirus software. Good luck with the investigations and thanks again.

                                                                                • 117. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                                  Preston Moochnek

                                                                                  I have the new Imac I have the same problem Camera Raw cycles but does not open-- But strangely I can open the mini-bridge and use that to open files in camera raw--  Has anyone tried that route?


                                                                                  Preston M.

                                                                                  • 118. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                                    Br QE

                                                                                    What did you do before Camera Raw cycles?  Can your Bridge launch normally and thumbnails display?



                                                                                    Bridge QE


                                                                                    • 119. Re: Bridge CS5 Won't Open
                                                                                      Preston Moochnek Level 1

                                                                                      Bridge will not cycle itself, it appears then disappears, I have never used mini bridge, was just experimenting.

                                                                                      But, it works fine.......  Let me know if you hear of anything positive-- I hope that everyone reads this.....