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    How to change the destination folder on my computer ?


      Hi everybody,


      as a standard ADE uses the "My Digital Editions" folder under Documents and Settings\User.

      We are working with Win XP

      Is it possible to change this path ? And if so, how


      I am looking forward to your reply.

      Thanks in advance



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          Jim Lester Level 4

          The folder must be (for Windows) "My Digital Editions" under the "My Documents" directory.  There is no option to change this.

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            In searching the forums for answers to this question, I see that people have been asking the same thing, reapeatedly, since at least 2007.


            Always the answer is the same: hard-coded, it must be this way, no work-around.


            Why does Adobe need to control how users prefer to organize their files?!

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              Level 4

              I had the same issue with a twist.  I wanted to load ADE onto another drive

              than the default C: drive on my Windows machine.  I asked the same question

              (which is why I took the moniker 'Frustrated in AZ'), and got the same

              answer.  HOWEVER, when I loaded ADE onto a different drive, it did establish

              all files it needed to run on that drive.  The only problem is that it DID

              create a 'My Digital Editions' folder with internal files on C: anyway.  ADE

              uses the folders on C: to store information on the books I'm reading in the

              'Annotations' file.  Curiously, and without explanation, there is another

              set of 'My Digital Editions' on the destination drive.  It has the same

              sub-folders, and I see information in the Annotations folder about a book I

              read recently.  How ADE is keeping track of this is not known to me, but as

              long as it works.....

              Adobe, if you're following this thread, you MUST allow ADE to be installed

              on a different drive on Windows machines, and NOT hardwire it to drive C:.



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                gBebooks Level 1

                Hi Frustrated ;-) --

                All I want to do is store my data files on a portable drive, like I do with my music library and my overdrive media audio books checked out from the library.  I have 3 computers that I use regularly. The software (iTunes/Overdrive Media Console) is installed on all three of them, and when I connect my portable drive I simply point the software to that location to work with my own files.

                I get that the software itself has to be installed on the actual computer rather than on a portable drive -- though certainly there's no reason it MUST be the C drive -- but the idea that you can't tell the software where you want it to maintain your data files is absurd.

                When I got my Sony Reader I tried out their software, found it couldn't specify a library location, and decided to try ADE, figuring Adobe surely wouldn't make that mistake. Alas. After discovering that Adobe did in fact make the same mistake and apparently has no plans to fix it,
                I uninstalled ADE & went back to the Sony software. I figure if I'm going to have my software dictating where I can & can't keep my files, I might as well use the product that came with my device. It's no worse than ADE.
                Since people have been complaining about this situation for 4 years and getting the same answer, I have to presume that Adobe is listening but doesn't care.  I would like to at least hear the rationalization for their decision.