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      In my application i have video player that uses VideoDisplay class of flex sdk 4.5. we implenent swf verifaction. i tried to play videos on  rtmpe several times , and it did'nt play , seemed like   my swf did'tn pass swf verification, during all day i tried to figure out what's wrong, then i tried to compile all flex sdk libraries ( framework_4.5.0.17689.swz, osmf_1.0.0.16316.swz and ex ) into my main file  , instead of  having them as rsl, finaly i succeeded to connect to rtmpe and to play the video. Could you help me please? what should i do? why does'nt it  pass swf vereficiation when the linkage  of flex sdk libraries is default(rsl- swz files). i can't merged them into code, it Weights to much ,800 kb.



      Thank you In advance !