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    Drawings with Wacom Pen Tablet in CS5


      I am aged 66.One of my contacts(22yrs, who is an artist can visualise scenes and draw

      sketches) and photographer(also doing 2nd year diploma in photography) has shown me the following

      image and asked how could  this be created. I have reasonably good command in cs5(Why writting

      reasonably is I find stalwarts here in the forum). I have basic exposure in AI by virue of purchasing

      the Production premium CS5.I am sure best drawings are drawn in AI. I did  not till date seen how a

      Wacom tablet works.The person for whom I am writting this is an upcoming personality with great zeal

      for learning . With my little knowledge in Wacom pen Tablets, I told him that this can also be done

      in Photoshop with Wacom Pen tablet.I want confirmation for my statement. I will be thankful if

      someone states that brushes in CS5 are sufficient or any more are to be purchased if so links for it.__Bosu Babu


      scan0004 copy.jpg