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    Adobe Reader X doesn't work.

    Colin Noble

      I've downloaded Adobe Reader X based on the installation advice of Adobe.

      The reader does not function at all, I cannot open any pdf file or open the program itself.

      I have uninstalled and re-installed the program several times.

      Although I only need the Reader, I note that Adobe AIR is being installed too.

      I'm running XP Professional; I'm not computer literate enough to know how to solve this issue.

      Any advice would be appreciated.



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          Same thing happened to me and now I'm pissed because it was working just fine before the stupid update.

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            Colin Noble Level 1

            I've had no problems with Adobe at all, until today now I've taken their update advice...

            I'm not sure what course of action to take, but need to work something out fast as I need to be able to read pdf files to do my job.

            I'm thinking to locate an older version of Adobe Reader and reinstall that.

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              I experienced this issue with a computer at the office, which was running Windows XP SP3. Turns out that the program was somehow set to run in compatibility mode for Windows 95.  Once I corrected this, the program operated normally.


              Hope this helps.

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                kathyb823 Level 1

                I didn't have problems either before today. I restored my computer to an earlier time before I did the upgrade and that solved the problem for me.

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                  Colin Noble Level 1

                  Thanks for the advice; this sounds like the solution I need, but you'll have to excuse my ignorance...

                  How do I go about correcting the compatibility?


                  Many thanks,


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                    GIS_Matt Level 1

                    The easiest way is to right-click the shortcut to Adobe Reader on the desktop and select Properties.  From there go to the Compatibility tab and make sure none of the checkboxes are checked.  You should also be able to do this from the link in Start -> All Programs if you do not have a desktop shortcut.

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                      "...the installer had a mistake which meant the preview handler did not work on 64-bit systems.

                      It turned out the problem could be fixed via a simple registry change. The change is described below and a small program which performs the fix is also provided for your convenience.

                      Unlike the thumbnail fix, described below, the preview handler fix should no longer be needed by most people, since Adobe have finally fixed their installer, but it's still provided in case it helps repair things. If you had Adobe Reader installed under Vista and later upgraded to Windows 7 then you will probably still need to run the preview handler fix once to clean up a registry value which Adobe set inconsistently between the two OS versions. If in doubt, run the fix and it will tell you if anything needs to be done. If everything is good already then the preview handler fix won't change anything."


                      Hope that helps. I have the same problem.