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    Objects don't line up properly


      I'm using PRE8 with the computer specs shown below. My question has probably been answered on this group before, so I apologize in advance for a possible repetition. In my project, all my elements (titles, clipart, etc.) are lined up just exactly the way I want them. However, after I render and save (in FLV format), the objects are no longer where I planned for them to be; the title text is now too low, the clip art is misplaced, etc.  Is there a fix for this? My display adapter drivers are up-to-date.


      Thanks for your help!!


      Computer Specs

      Dell Inspiron 53OS

      OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

      Processor: 2.33 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo

      64 kilobyte secondary memory cache

      Memory: 4GB

      Hard drive capacity: 640GB

      Display adaptor: ATI Radeon HD 2400

      Realtek High Definition Audio

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Alignment issues are very often the result of a Project Preset, that does not match the source footage.


          Can you give us the full specs. and details of the source footage, and then the full details of the chosen Project Preset (when you did New Project).


          Good luck,



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            Robert J. Johnston Level 3

            Also post the export settings: width x heigth, pixel aspect ratio.


            Is "Scale to Frame Size" globally turned on or off (Preferences). Or did you turn on or off "Scale to Frame Size" for any individual clips.

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              TucsonJeff1 Level 1

              Hi, Hunt!


              Okay, the Project Preset is NTSC-DV-Widescreen 48kHz. If by "source

              footage" you mean any footage from any camera, there is none (although

              there will be eventually). My project now consists only of some still

              pictures, titles, clipart and some mp3 files. I'm using keyframing on

              the titles and clipart, and it's these two elements that are not

              aligning properly after render/save. Under Preferences, General, I have

              "Default scale to frame size" checked. Please let me know if any

              additional information is needed.





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                Robert J. Johnston Level 3



                I would like to know the name of the *export* preset you selected when you went to share. Share > ???? > ???? > ????


                Normally with the Adobe Flash Video presets you don't have a problem with things lining up: Share > Computer > Adobe Flash Video > 8 presets to select.


                I happened to notice that those clip arts and titles are *not* scaled to frame size when you drag them to the timeline. That could cause problems with just about all the other export formats.

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                  nealeh Level 5

                  Have you resized your photos to 720 x 480 (or if using pan and zoom no more than 1000 x 750)? Also consider replacing those MP3s with PCM/WAV 48kHz 16-bit versions - you can use the free Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder to convert them.


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                    TucsonJeff1 Level 1



                    The export preset I use is NTSC Flash Video 8 700K. For FLV Presets, I

                    have only the following available:


                    NTSC Flash Video 7 256K

                    NTSC Flash Video 7 400K

                    NTSC Flash Video 8 400K

                    NTSC Flash Video 8 700K


                    Are you saying I should have 8 presets from which to select?





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                      TucsonJeff1 Level 1

                      Hi, Neale


                      I'm glad you brought up this question because I'm confused about pixels

                      and points. Are they the same? Okay, so I'm using PSE8 and PRE8. In PSE,

                      I went to "Change Image," "Resize,"  "Image Size" to check the

                      properties of one of the stills in my PRE project (see the attached

                      Capture.jpg). I have these questions about what's shown on the "Image

                      Size" screen which maybe you can help me with:


                      (1)    At the top, it shows "Pixel Dimensions: 12.4M."  Beneath that, it

                      shows "Width: 2400 pixels" and "Height: 1800 pixels." If I change the

                      Document Size (e.g., from 5 inches wide to 3 inches wide), this

                      information remains unchanged. I don't understand this.


                      (2)    Now, under "Document Size:" on the Capture.jpg, it shows a

                      current width of 5 inches, which is what I'm using in my PRE8 project.

                      The additional drop-down menu choices under "Inches" are: Percent,

                      Inches, CM, MM, Points, Picas, and Columns. So, my question is, how can

                      I resize to pixels when 'pixels' is not an option for resizing? Or is a

                      pixel the same as a point? (please pardon my ignorance on this subject)


                      (3)    In case you're wondering why the Resolution shows 480 ppi, it's

                      because the original still measured something like 30" X 20" and, after

                      I  reduced the size to 5" by 3 1/4", the resolution to jump from 72 to

                      480. Might the increased resolution be part of the problem??


                      (4)    So, knowing that the size of stills should not be more than 1,000

                      X 750 pixels, how can I accomplish this in PSE when there seems to be no

                      option for reducing pixel dimensions?


                      Oh, and I apologize for not being clear on the MP3's. They're all just

                      small sound files, plus one soundtrack.


                      Many thanks!!



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                        nealeh Level 5

                        For practical purposes you can pretty much ignore most of that stuff. To resize to a suitable size select the images in the Organiser then go to File> Export As New Files... From the dialog box select the wanted file output (I prefer TIFF as it is a lossless format) and the desired Output size and location.




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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Though not related to the alignment issues, you might want to look at this ARTICLE on MP3's.


                          This ARTICLE will tell you how to Scale camera-original still images. As Neale states, DPI/PPI will have no bearing in video. Those settings are used for display on a computer screen, or for printing. In video, only the pixel x pixel dimensions matter. Within PrE, there are basically two ways to Scale images: set the Cliip to Scale to Default Frame Size (or similar syntax), or by using the fixed Effects>Motion>Scale. Personally, I choose to do all of my Scaling outside of PrE, prior to Import, unless I need to do animation for a Zoom.


                          As Flash allows one to crop the Frame Size upon Export/Share, I assume that you left that at 720 x 480. Is that correct?


                          Above, you mentioned a screen-cap. I could not find the link to that. This ARTICLE will give you tips on producing and posting screen-caps.


                          Good luck,



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                            Robert J. Johnston Level 3

                            In Premiere Elements 9, there are 8 presets, some of which are widescreen. You need widescreen export settings to match the widescreen project. The reason objects haven't lined up for you is because the aspect ratios of the project vs export are different.


                            In Premiere Elements 9, Adobe is using 720 x 400 for widescreen. I tried keyframming some text in a NTSC DV Widscreen project and exported to flash with  720 x 400 dimensions and that kept objects lined up. I haven't figured out how they came up with those dimensions, but give those a try or come up with other dimensions with a 1.8 (720x400=1.8) ratio. I'm sure square pixels vs non-square pixels is figured in.


                            Even though you don't have widescreen presets in Pre8, you can modify the presets you do have by clicking the advanced button via Share and then manually changing the dimensions.

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                              TucsonJeff1 Level 1



                              Your comments are well taken, thank you! I will experiment with the

                              aspect ratios in the Share output options.


                              Thanks so much for your help with this issue!



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                                TucsonJeff1 Level 1



                                I have read the the web articles mentioned in your e-mail, and they are

                                extremely informative and helpful. Thanks so much for sharing this

                                information! With responses to my problem from you, Robert and Neale, I

                                have much information to work with. Thank you all (again!) for sharing

                                your vast knowledge. You guys are great!!