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    Compile project for different env

    kingquattro Level 1

      Good morning every one,

         Just a quick question.  I am developing on Mac OS X, with CF 8 and Flex 4 (as eclipse plugin).  I have one staging server also Mac OS X with CF 8 and a production server which is Linux with CF 8.


           As of now, I am taking the compiled output and just copying it over to my staging area, when verified same codebase is copied over to the production area.  This was working fine until last nights update to production area. I started getting Java.nullpointer exception when Flex tried to communicate with CF.


           I am wondering if it has anything to do with the way Flex project has been compiled with --services flag. The location of CF 8 services-config.xml is different on Linux v. Mac.  Or is it that everything is encapsulated in the compiled swf and it does not matter as long as CF version are same? and error is related to something else?