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    Flash + 3d animation + CPU


      Hy everybody , i am big fan of derbauer i like how they work, so i am  start to learn 3d programs to make animations in 3d and websites like  derbauer, right now am  good with 3d  , i make lot of objects in 3d  Max(buttons,spare...) for my TEST site and here is it http://www.mypost.ge/flash/test1bgfx.html i am just tring to do like this site http://ar-operator.com/ -it made by derbauer.


      I have one problem i-t takes to much CPU , on P4 with 2.6 ghz animation is very slow, in 3d max i am rending  animation in png format and then i importing them in flash,i am not  using any action script for animation,all u see is just 3d rendered png  pictures imported in flash,so is there any way to animate png pictures  in flash with less CPU usage? if u check derbauer.de site u will se that  they have many png animations there but it not takes much cpu, how they  doing that?if someone have answer please help me thanks


      sorry for my english i hope u understand everything


      if someone running on old intel p4 cpu please post here how much cpu using my test site on u PC thanks1.jpg

      here is picture from my test flash project,u can se how i am animate animation using frame by frame animation